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To fly to the international space station in April he'll fly aboard a Russian Soyuz craft that lifts off from Kazakhstan on April ninth while his wife Julie will accompany him to Russia she'll head back home to Houston and not to visit the launch site this is due to a coronavirus concerns even the bike in our cosmic home will have a reduced staff tending to the launch Cassidy is scheduled to stay aboard the station for six months Evan brown fox news the number of dead from the global corona virus pandemic surpassed thirteen thousand people worldwide and sickened more than two hundred ninety one thousand among the side effects presidential nominating contests of the U. S. are being pushed back Netflix is giving back to the thousands of unemployed workers in the entertainment industry fox's Michelle Paulino reports Netflix has created a one hundred million dollar relief fund for out of work entertainment production professionals the corona virus pandemic has shut down or severely restricted all production coming out of the entertainment community Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos noted in the memo most of the fund will go towards the hardest hit workers on their own productions around the world he added in addition to the two weeks pay they already committed to the cast and crew projects that were forced to suspend the production the fund will also help projects outside of Netflix specifically fifteen million will go to third parties and non profits Michelle police now fox news and inmate at a federal jail in New York City tested positive for corona virus marking the first confirmed case in the federal prison system elsewhere six bodies recovered after water sweeps cars driven in the other world.

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