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Talking to Jack Barsky an amazing story the book is deep under cover my Secret Life entangled allegiances as a KGB spy in America so it's nineteen seventy eight and they are going to send you across the ocean to Canada first and your plan is to end up in Washington DC so how do how do they make this transition I need to correct to a two things Canada was a practice trip I returned to Moscow and about several months after I was loans to the United States directly indirectly through Yugoslavia Austria Italy Mexico into Chicago and from Chicago to New York and and and that was where I was going to operate in New York City from New York not in DC wow so why would they have taken such a secured his route to bring you I mean to go from Mexico from all the way you know to Mexico and I mean what's the what's the point of that to cover the trace you know you you can't follow me back into into Moscow in every every a new country that I entered I I have received another passport with a different name so you you could not possibly trace me back to Moscow that poll that was and it was super super super cautious but I never never once and and in my ten years made a direct trips between the Soviet Union and the United States it was a no no okay so you you end up finally you end up in New York right and where do you settle in New York well initially I had nothing I had the birth certificate right so with that you don't go very far even in those days you need some ID so the only place I could possibly stay was in one of those hotels where you pay by the month that wasn't very nice there was a lot of shady characters but not not that your shady no I Russian spy but it it it's interesting I would have I would not and could you be could supply you with this stuff but you're sort of on your own you have absolutely no I I I was completely on my own was calm I was given instructions and a task but nobody checked on me nobody gave me any any help there were no meetings there was a a I was on my own I was deep undercover that's good so that's why the book is titled the correct cover of so my first my first test was and that they gave me about two years to acquire genuine American documentation primer and primarily a driver's license and what is it was a really important a social security card so you can get to get a real job and I got that in my first job I worked as a bike messenger in Manhattan I couldn't take my resume when I waiting how old are you at that time no I was eleven when I started as a bike messenger was twenty nine in nineteen seventy eight you're driving around Manhattan as a bike messenger seventy nine that's correct and I was one of the best yeah okay wonderful all right so you you you work your way up obviously but I mean this is just crazy that here you are do you have any friends were you able to make friends well initially no until I had a real job I stayed away from people I have to you know because again first thing they ask you so what do you do for a living I'm unemployed you know so it was a lone ly existence for a good year a little over a year and even as a bike messenger you know you got to be really careful the I didn't fit the profile you know it's very hard to hi all German well this is it yeah it's it's hard to hide your intellect so initially I didn't make a lot of friends but I went back to college I went to to study at pearl college and that's when hi no collected a lot of friends huh all younger than me but yeah no wow can I chased all the girls okay none of them well I think you're married now aren't you so you eventually got one but not on that side of the divide all right so you're under cover your your work in that what happens what's the first it was the first thing that you test to do well the most important thing in it and that I was never explicitly told but the most important thing for them was the fact that I was here I lived here as a bona fide American that means I was able to do things that the diplomats buys couldn't do they had restrictions as far as how far they could travel out outside of DC and New York Florence is one time I had a test to to go check on a person in California who I didn't know who who he was I was given a name and they asked me was check if he's still there and you know what's address and phone number and so forth well he was a a person who had defected from the KGB and was honored the death sentence knew he died from natural causes but the you know this kind of stuff that he actually die from that yes yes he did but he defected from the KGB California no no no he he defected to I don't know when that was a long time ago he he defected and West Germany and then it was too that does some somebody actually tried to kill him there he escaped and then he was expelled traded into the United States and and was teaching he was teaching actually at the university of California in San Bernardino Mike forgot his name just now well but anyway so I could I was able to do things like that yeah god forbid they they were preparing for situation when diplomatic relations would be cut off completely and all and all the personnel and half half the U. N. personalidad here half the embassy they will KGB they will be gone who who was left there were ten of us that they send and that's that's information it was actually obtained from the KGB archives ten illegals that they sent out and that was that the most important value that they still had somebody here number one number two I was supposed to you know get close to you know those decision makers in foreign policy that was a problem because my standing in society was not such right that you can just you know go up to Colombia university and the and hang out with people who who who operate in the the in the institute for foreign relations right right that didn't work I did not succeed in that right so what did you do that you know you came over in seventy eight your bike messenger in seventy nine at what point I mean your story gets really crazy and we should probably know that because I wanna make sure you get to tell the story but when you decide to leave I'd read died in the whole thing right let's I got it I got it just tore one other thing in this is really crazy because I I told you I went back to college and my ambition ran away with me and I graduated as valedictorian all stop at the root yes okay KGB spy is valedictorian at Beirut I guess I'll add you ation speak what year what year it was in nineteen eighty four all my at the felt forum yeah you know the reason this is funny is that I have to think that you are even though technically you are a KGB agent you are also living as an American and it had to have an effect of course around so what happened did you get to see the upside of freedom is somewhat I think when it hit me that the capital capitalism is not such a bad thing is when I had my first job as a professional I worked at it started working at MetLife as a computer programmer and the people were all nice and we got free lunch and they paid me well and the work was good and my colleagues were nice so you know I was wondering what happened to the evil insurance companies that we were you know told the heard about yeah so so I I got to a point where I develop sort of a neutral stance you know in between maybe we can mix it together you know get a little better economically and get but get more freedom in the east yeah and there was a there was a a strand in the in this and social Democrat movement in Europe they they they call they had came up with that theory will call called convergence theory and I sort of bought into it but I was still loyal to my employer hi I had no in I had no plans to defect I had no plans to net this is in the book right it was that you were the valedictorian yes yeah it is all areas this absolutely Hiller's okay so what happens after that when do you when do you store when you get into trouble okay so I and I know started working at MetLife yeah I work for four years I had my career was going really well I was making good money but something else happened you know me I was still young man and you know you you can't live in society and pretend to be one of them and not do things other people do and you know does biological urges so I was looking for girlfriends and one of them was really really really safe I thought because she was from South America from Guyana and so she wouldn't have figured out that something was not quite right right with me she she didn't have a lot of education she didn't know how the how the United States work really well but one day she came to me as as a which you have a problem if I get married to another guy has is what the heck you're talking about and then she confided well I'm really illegal here I need to marry somebody to become legal and a clearly that was an indirect question to the another words out I'll give you first dibs Charlie be right back talking to Jack Barsky the book is deep under cover what a story with.

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