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And welcome back to coast to coast. Timothy Renner with us Timothy you were wrapping up that story about the hanging skull, and that strange creature that was out there. Yeah. And like I said, I don't know what it was. I can only tell you. What's big? It was too big to be in the woods in Pennsylvania. And the reason I compared it to a is because I've seen a move in Massachusetts before. But this wasn't a moose. We don't. We don't have news here. So I don't know what it was. But I followed it not because I was being brave. I didn't I didn't think about later I sat down, and I thought what were you doing? If something was trying to lead you somewhere. You took the bait, you know. But I I really was almost in a trance-like state, and I just followed the sink probably four three quarters of a mile. For down the trail headed south. I fought it south, and I was stopped in my tracks by there was a deer skull perfectly clean and impaled. It I level in the middle of the trail, and it had not been there two weeks before when I was there with my friend. So I don't know how it got there. I got there. Why it was put there there shouldn't have been any people down there that people do come and hunt down there. But this is not hunting season in the spring. So I really snapped me on my transfer. I kind of looked around like, what is this and? The odd thing about that is ever since that time, I find skulls perfectly clean on. I honestly about seventy percent of the Bigfoot investigations. I do I find them and prominently. They're not they're either out in the open forum. I'm not thinking through the price and stuff. They're just kind of sitting there. It's very very bizarre. Let's talk a little bit about some of these other creatures that seem to be hanging in that area. But you have a site called sites. Seven what is this? So that's another area. I was asking around some some local people because I'm always looking for stories and so forth. And I asked the guy a little bit older than me if he'd ever been to toad road, and he said, no, no. But I've been to this. There's this other road we used to go to and it was really weird. Tell me about it. And he said it was a group of how by knows that live there. They would chase you down the right now, this is a very common urban lights, and you can find all across the country. I said, well, what did you ever see me? No. We never really saw him. We caught a glimpse of him. And he said if we park on the road, we'd get stunts thrown at art cars from any call them hobos. He said they were hoping it was up in the woods. Did you ever? See these hope there's no we never saw the hobos. So it's very strange. So I started investigating this area. It's another road that's been closed down. And again, it's private property. And it's a continuing investigation. So we we gave it this codename site seven, but we started experiencing very strange things. They're like people have seen. Entities there, and they've all been white, which is straight. And I don't know what they're seeing one woman reported a UFO lights or what? Well, what would the white entity? So the white entities white, but we have seen really weird lights there too in the woods. They looked like they were manmade lights. I thought I thought we must be looking at manmade lights here. We're staring at him. And a friend of mine had a laser pointer, very powerful laser pointer and the light started moving around, and maybe they're like Christmas like they look like LED lights. They did not look like anything other than made light. And I told my friend hit that late with your laser pointer and see what happens and he did. And they would turn red and sort of blink out. And every time he did it. They did that it was very very strange. I a friend of mine insisted it's big foot high shine that we're seeing, but I don't know anything any light that reacts that way to you know, when it gets hit by a laser turns red, and it, and it sort of goes out, we tried it. I we must have tried twenty different times that night with all the different lights. We were. It's probably half a dozen lights. We were seeing in the woods. And every time we turn out. There's something horrible happened around that area longtime ago. I don't know. I I mean, there is a a inscription on the river along the Susquehanna that was an Indian rock carving petroglyphs, and it's a very skinny and unhealthy Indian, and it points to the county side, and the and it shows like a fatter very healthy Indian that points to the Lancaster side. And I've often wondered if that was some sort of. You know, something something creepy is going on over on on the other side. Yeah. That's weird. Now, you still got your podcast going? Yes. Strange familiar in it. You've talked about an entity called the flannel man, who is he this has been incredible. So my wife saw this guy. She she woke up one time. And there's a guy dressed like a lumberjack scanning at her feet and she woke me up screaming. I didn't see it. And she's a very skeptical person. Like, she she's not interested in all this big stuff that I am at all. She thinks it's a a little bit silly. I guess and she sees this guy standing there. Look, you say look like a lumberjack like the brawny man, your sleep right next door, obviously right next door Kay. He had a beard and a red flannel shirt on and this was years ago. This is in the nineteen nineties, and I happen to mention it's like, Paul Bunyan. Oh, yeah. Very much like a lumberjack. That's what she said. I happened to mention on the podcast and the response we've been getting has been crazy. I've now gotten probably forty different accounts from people who have seen these entities in plaid shirts, platter checked shirts. It's usually read not always ninety percent of the time. It's red shirt, and they'll describing the lumberjack were or workmen up most often, and they're they're appearing to people when they wake up. So when people wake up. Most often they are carrying two people. I've got a few were very strange accounts where people weren't sleeping, but most of the time people were sleeping, they'll get up to get a glass of water or something. And then they'll see this guy standing in her living room or the wake up, and he'll just be standing there in their bedroom. And they're very insistent that they're not these aren't sleep Rouse's incidents that they're awake and they're able to move and they're just seeing this this guy there. That's weird. I mean for that to happen right at the foot of the bed. She got got freaked out. Oh, yeah. My wife up screaming, but these other people seen this too. That's weird. Yeah. I mean, people all over mostly in America. But I've got reports from the UK and Sweden now and Germany as well. Do you get reports of slender, man? A little bit. Yeah. I because we started talking about this flannel. Man. We we've been getting what I think John keel Cottam bedroom invaders. These these things that just people are seeing these different entities kinda just show up in their houses and so forth. And I've gotten some some slender man reports along those lines when we take calls next hour. Of course, we'll take questions for Timothy Renner. But also your stories, perhaps you've had strange little episodes. Like you've been hearing share them with us. If you would you don't seem to get many UFO reports though too. I got a few. There's there's one woman in that. I interviewed for the book, and she did have she saw two different UFO's where she works. A lot of words like kind of floating through the woods in in the area. And then she felt like a UFO she described as a Chevron type, you know, kind of boomerang shaped your so on another occasion, but not a ton. And I don't know if people just start reporting more air fits their reports are going elsewhere. Now, do you investigate these appear normal reports are you simply just right on them. Oh, no. I go out. I try to meet people as much as I can on site. Like, if they saw something I try to get, you know, boots on the ground and be where they saw it and have them, you know, describe what they saw. And and give me the whole report when you talk to somebody can you tell right away if they're pulling your leg. I think so I think most of the time most of the time people they don't have much to gain from doing this eighty. I think they're not making any money doing it. It's it's nothing like that. It's very difficult to get people to talk about it to begin with. And then when you open them up today where they actually start talking. I mean, I've seen grown men like ex police officers shaking when they're telling me about Bigfoot their hands are literally shaking, and they're almost tearing up. I I have to believe they're telling me the truth, and it's very similar with with people with these other things there's every now, and then you get someone who's very matter of fact about it and puts a question Mark over it. But for the most part, I think people are are lying. I something. What are these red dog stories that we hear so much about? Black dogs are really difficult because sometimes you know, sometimes it could be a natural talk. That people were saying at work has reddish glow in their eyes from lights or something. Right. Exactly. Yeah. But it's it's when people start saying that they're seeing in conjunction with other stuff or the one report I had said there. They were their heads were way too high in the trees. I don't know if we're talking about dogs that are climbing trees, or if you know, the body lists dogs and just their heads. But the guy reported the, you know, the the dogs with these glowing red eyes where our heads were up in the trees, he said, so would it gets stranger like that? I well, there's something else going on here. And I'm actually collecting reports of of these sort of black dog entities east coast as well. Now, I've gotten quite a lot of just like old newspaper articles and stuff that have recorded. What would you say is the strangest crypto out there? Based on what you've heard by far. I got a call from a woman named barb. She just called me relate. When I see maybe she's a coast to coast listener, she probably is she called me after midnight. And she said you wanna talk about toad. So of course, always. And she's she's telling me some very stories about seeing a man that would chase her in a black card, and you know, kinda weird stuff. She said the real thing to worry about was the toad man, actually kind of glossed over. She told me another story. We'll wait a minute. Let's let's the toad man right back and tell me about this tote, man. And she said, oh, yeah. There's a tone, man. He lives down in the scariest party. She's like, you know, the work. It's real scary down in the hollow. By the creek is. Yeah, I know what you're talking about. She said she went out there in the nineteen sixties before the road was closed, and she said we broke down out there and we had a flat tire. And she said, it was terrifying..

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