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Heavy at times, followed by afternoon showers will see a high 51 to 55 I'm AccuWeather's Drew Shana News 93.1 kfbk. It is 48 in Sacramento. Make that 46 just went down is quick gold. 43 fulsome and Tahoe City is a 21 already 21. Wow, we could get about 28 so Yeah. Make sure your Joe said your succulents recovered. All right. So your poll question today is about the reopening of California exiting the stay at home order going back to the tiered system statewide. A mini are applauding this move Cal PIRG and California Nurses Association. Not for think it's premature. So yeah, California be reopened. That's what we've been asking you. And we've got to still some pound to 50 calls. We didn't get to last time around. So let's see what we've got. I think the governor's caving in to pressure and I understand many people are not able to work and I personally have not been affected in that regard. I have not missed a day work I considered essential but I do believe it is probably the most aches and I think we're gonna watch the numbers just climb drastically. Governor. Newsome doesn't want to admit that his policies and strategies were wrong concerning Cove it that's why he's throwing open the state because the data coming out of Florida proved that So the couple of responses there and then going back to our online poll question to see where we are We asking Should California be reopened? That was a kind of just a yes or no? On the Twitter page. And 68% say yes 18% say no 14% say just partially. And that is AH, Can't be K r complicate Twitter page if you want to check that out. All right. Still to come, We'll take another look at what's going on here in California. Traffic weather More stories ahead along Pat Walsh Coming up two on news 93.1 kfbk live everywhere on the I. Heart radio APP. Sacramento's.

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