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About. I don't know why talking about number shape in a long pandemic with us. This is what happens. This is like this. Flies off the rails. I actually think. I have so much going on that. Like my brain turns to mush. When i actually have to talk about it because i'm like who would pick a day like we're looking at real estate in las vegas right now. I'm constantly checking the real estate to. I know i honestly don't don't like the stress of it is almost deterring me from moving and it'll just make you take. The houses are so dope in lush. You're looking at so. I just want like every time i changed my mind. I look at the houses again. I'm like nope. I gotta go back. I gotta go there So i'm doing that. And then also fostering like a bunch of cats and try to get them homes and dealing with ring. Were one of them got adopted. A one friend multi is house right before she went to like some internment camp. I went to nikki's house like ground zero or something totally misread. That train hosts store. Oh sorry it's really sad me boy. She's having by betas. Picking on jesse fucking love this bridge. Okay change a thing about nikki thousand right before that because we were going to work on some stuff first thing. She sits down and like. How's it going and she's like trying to hold back tears. Because she's i don't know if i made the right to own this new paisley. Yeah it was like. I should have sa- swayed her decision like she was going for this one kitten and the nice switched to take the other way when now i don't know i like made the wrong choice by no initially want. She wanted kalou. Which okay get ready guys fluids like a sweet sweet little girl. She's like constantly checking up on her siblings and her mom and stuff. She's very very sweet. She's very cuddly and stuff but she needs another cat and my friend is like. I don't want her to get attached to my other cat. Because i need a companion because my cat left me from roommates. I was like okay. Maybe this one over here again is. He's like super fucking chill boy anywhere you put them. He just wants to be their faces. Soak soak you. He's like so dufy looking and he looks like a stoner like so dufy and like adventurous and he has loud purrs but then after she left so she got she was like okay guinness. That's the one and then she left. And i was like to make the wrong choice because guinness kind of lakes my cats would if he actually gets attached to that cat and qaluwa wouldn't of gotten attached to catch her. It was a big long thing in my head. And i went on a walk with steve and i like cried on the walk and then just came over right after the walk and i was like. I'm fucking everything we're all. Existence is like adorable exhausting accurate way to describe the right choice like cute and then like we still have damaged. See the video later of the new mom with the category house like clearly they love each other but it helped having you over because you needed someone to be like shut up. Sounds like you made the right choice. Knows like okay. And then i went into it more neutral natural state owned when i dropped a cat off. I don't know why i can't talk and And then the key like loved it immediately. He came out of his little. Like i'm home. And then he likes snuggled her immediately. We'll do that. The universe with lead you to make the right. You don't have to worry so much. True many were s. But i don't think you should foster any more cats because you nothing is good for you to motionless actually cried with that cat left. Oh cry cry and no bitch yeah Yeah when he's going to have the hardest time. I think letting. Go of the cats because the ringworm was actually a good thing. Because then you have to prolong it. Yeah true who got a lot of cats though. The cats are out isn't worms. That's another question because from if they've only been in your house leaving my house and they're all right they did go to the vet and got like spades. So maybe something happened there. I don't know the remorse. Spores are super contagious. So i don't know how long they live but leasing kittens just always have issues other year. Older yeah my cat is just getting worse. He learned how to scale up the curtains windows from attacks from above now yeah randomly jumps on things now like i don't know and then now that it's colder. He wants to cuddle even more at night so last night. All i get in the middle of the night is just like okay get closer you off man like he just tries to get so i don't even know anymore probably a kiss right. Yeah i definitely got something nelly just to get some shots. So that's awesome because one of my cats. She recently in the last few months. She has been the most cuddly bitch ever. And as soon as casey i settle in and our beds and it's like okay time to go to sleep. We turn off the lights immediately. You hear her like john. Vanish comes in between us. And then i grabbed her. Like i manhandle her and then she likes it though and she's just like put her under the sheets and she just off like cuddling with her and then by the time. I'm about to fall asleep. It's like she tucks me or something because she's like you're sleeping okay. And she leaves does away jumped out which my voice. I thought it was a folk showed the boy. My my cat does this thing. We're like okay. Pretend the on the cat and you're like big spooning me okay. So i'm laura y'all got to watch this one. Every night Oh cute against knows. Yeah yeah so he does that. And that's how we falls fucking adorable..

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