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Can be a man a woman a boy a girl a jewish gentile you can be any kind of center that has ever existed on this planet if you will believe on the lord jesus christ you are the work of the father being brought to christ and he'll never cast you out a child once asked him i too young to believe in christ the response was you're old enough to sin you're old enough to die so you're old enough to personally believe in jesus christ and this is the verse right here that caused the pharisee john bunyan the finally stop trying to be right with god on his own and simply rely upon jesus christ to be right with god before mr bunyan wrote pilgrim's progress he was a religious fanatic who became a kooky legalist he struggled and struggled and finally came to terms with this verse and he believed that by believing in christ he would never be cast the way by god it didn't matter what he'd done or what he would do afterwards if he would believe on christ he would never be cast the way because he would be a gift from the father to the son which brings us to the six point jesus christ was honored doing the will of the father verse thirty eight now the will of the father was that jesus go to that cross and shed his blood so that the father might bring the electives son see this is critical christ is not going to die on that cross because he's gonna die as a good martyr or good example he's dying there by the wheel of god the father he's going to that cross to make it possible for god the father to draw centers to a relationship with him and jesus will not lose one person who believes in him and what that means is our eternal security does not lie in us it lies in him the will of the father is that he lose nothing verse thirty nine tells us so.

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