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My friend lives and Florence and she's sending me pictures of her trees down on the ground, and they're all on her car. There's a lot of it is an amazing Lawrence. And then Fatima retreat house, which is on 56 3. They have him there. So, uh, And now four bill I thought maybe for bill, but It's really weird, so and now it no one has reported in from the West side. I mean, we've seen him on the West side. I haven't heard anything on the West side, not Hendricks County. I've heard Morgan County Monroe County and then out grown on the East side. All right, surely. How can we help you today? Okay, I have a well problem and it's for somebody else. They didn't want to call. They thought they might know, But I'm gonna call for them. So what's the deal is she's using the well, really, just to water their flowers. So she's watering your flowers. And she thought she heard up. It found in really loud when it I guess. Pops up and she looked over there wouldn't checked it out. It was all wet. And I guess occasionally the water was Corning out of the top. Uh, wherever it said in their yard. All right. So, um, it could be a couple of things. It sounds to me like it's a split. Hype on the drop line that goes down to the pump. I'm assuming that it is a normal shallow, well pump, do you? Do you know anything about the well at all? I really down. I just know it's been there forever and that they just really used it to water. The flowers. It's hard to diagnosis. But my guess is that if it's old, it's probably a broken pipe. She can keep messing with it. I don't think it will hurt anything, but it's not going to get any better. And so that's why I would recommend you. Call C. N. J. And this is a good time of year to call them. They're not And you know, it's a It's a decent time to call him and they'll have time to get out there and help you with the diagnosis. But Um yeah, call someone. I guess that installed the pump like in 1960, but I guess the company's still running out. I'm not. I'm not sure what the company is. I would complain in San what that warranty is on that they quoted him. They quoted him a piece that they thought it was gonna cost them around like $900. So it's hard to say, But I was trying to think who we used back in the sixties. We use a guy by the name of Sigmund Dave Sigmund signal. Pump company, but I think Dave's going on back to God. So he died in 73 73. C N J 852. Well, 852. Well, you get my cultural BMJ after. Well, thanks then early. 239 93 93. John has.

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