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Could not be tracked said the complaint the defendant allegedly offered convert bitcoin to Minero for the agents and provided tips on using tore and details to further preserve anonymity. What is tore? And what is Tales Web Torres the onion router and it is a it. Purportedly uses a Tunneling technique to obfuscate where your traffic is coming from going going to and tales is a distribution of Lennox that is for loading onto Usually people will loaded onto a USB key and it's it's the Amneh's EAC something Lennox and it's Amneh's EAC. Because it doesn't store anything it doesn't keep any disk caches. It doesn't keep anything so basically once you turn that machine off there's no There's No web history. There's no evidence of remnants whatsoever. Right answer yeah you can take this little usb dangle or flash drive plug it into any computer that's another important aspect here you can be on somebody else's laptop could be at the library. You could be in any location where you can move from the USB drive and you've got a completely untraceable operating system that comes with the tour browser installed as default so when you boot up tails tours right there waiting for you and that's what it encourages you to utilize to browse the web. So not only. Are you an untraceable operating system? But you're also on tore which is supposedly untraceable. Although they've they busted a number of tour websites over the last several years and the F. B. I. hasn't been forthcoming about exactly how they found out how these sites are being operated for instance like the Silk Road was the first major Tour Take Down. Back in twenty thirteen. I think it was so we still don't know exactly what they're doing to To sort of unmask some of these websites I don't know how truly private Torres but as far as people doing things like buying on the dark net is concerned so many thousands tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of customers out there. It's impossible for the government to really go after them. Yeah Yeah I mean you only is a little tradecraft. But it's it's the dealers that are mostly At at high risk most of the people that are the highest risk are the people who are running the websites. Themselves like the dark net market websites. To some extent certain dealers are also at risk But it's just like on the level of risk it's like you're running the market your highest risk if you're a dealer on the market you're at the next highest risk and then if you're a customer it's not as risky in those cases the ads the thacker rule appeared in Seattle before the US District Court for the western district of Washington this week. According to the Department of Justice press release according to complaints or the complaint the undercover agents recorded rule during the undercover operations rule allegedly never ask the agents required. No your customers questions. That fincen licensed money. Transmitters must ask clients from which of course he had no licensing. It was also allegedly indifferent to the agent stated use of the funds. Let's talk about this now. Look I'm not an attorney. But if you aren't a money transmitter. Then you're not a money transmitter. Now what is the money transmitter is my understanding and you can go and look it up okay. There's a whole section of the Federal Code. That's all about so-called money services businesses and money transmitters are part of the money services businesses sort of the category. And then there's certain things that qualify somebody as being a money services business. One of those things is being money transmitter now. What does the money transmitter well? There's a very specific definition for that in federal code but the short version as I understand it. Is that if you are taking money from one person and being paid to move that money to another person so not money from the same person to give more something value back so if you were to hire me nobody to send some money to Chris Redman one of our other CO hosts. You're on free talk live. Although actually he hasn't been on Thursdays for a while because marksman involved with a Thursday nights. Let's say you to send it to mark. Okay you want me to send a ten dollars tomorrow and you're willing to pay me five dollars for the service of semi get the ten dollars. The service of sending ten dollars. Tomorrow what am I getting for my ten dollars you own money. Your ten bucks you gotTa Pay Mark. You need somebody to pay them. And so you're hiring me to do that. I would be the money transmitter by the government's definition of money transmitter in that particular case because you hired me to send your value your money to somebody else. So basically a money transmitter would be if if you ask your parents to To use their credit card order. You something off the Internet. They're acting as a money transmitter. No in that case there would be acting as a payment processor. Because they wouldn't be taking a cut to do that. They would be doing you favor right. You'd be saying. Hey Mom can i. Can you help me by this thing? Okay they would then just be accurate if your friend charges. A couple of dollars to do it then. He's a money transmitter. Only really if they make a business of it if it's like a friend doing a thing here and there then it's not you know it'd be hard for them to argue that that person was a money transmitter. But if they're doing it on a regular basis you know. They're making money off of that process over time. Then that money transmission but in the case of buying bitcoin. You're not transmitting money..

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