Hurricane Sally, Alabama, National Hurricane Center discussed on Sean Hannity


Public. Joe Biden, meantime, lining up his own vaccine briefing today from public health experts, including a former U. S surgeon, General Coast Guard helicopters in search and rescue mode after Hurricane Sally's landfall early today in Alabama, there have been dozens of rescues and pens. Cole of Florida as the storm dumps feet of rain in some areas and continues to move very slowly in a dangerous situation continues with the wind, the rain and also the storm surge and tornadoes. These rain bands that we've been talking about for the last few days in those rain bands. You could see some waterspouts. We could see some tornadoes. National Hurricane Center director Ken Graham. The feds days the core's keeping a key interest rate near zero for the foreseeable future. But a rally fades on Wall Street. The Dow finishing up 38 points, the NASDAQ A late selloff down 139. America is listening to Fox News. It's 303 is radio 1055 We are see. Sally is downgraded to a tropical storm hours after making landfall near Gulf Shores. As a Category two hurricane, nearly 280,000 power outages reported across southwest Alabama. Damage is reported at the Gulf State Park Pier. The storm took out a large section of the structure, which cost more than $2 million to renovate. Officials had to cancel the ribbon cutting ceremony set for this morning because of the storm and new large build it. The park suffered only minimal damage. Orange Beach beer Tony Kennon says the city got inundated by 9 Ft of water. And two more feet or expected lots of work to restore the beach lies ahead. We'll know better wouldn't know We're going to have to have a beat Renourishment project very soon because there's gonna be some areas where there's basically no beats. And then there'll be some areas of the field back.

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