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Yeah now be very careful with us and it lists. It's got fingerprints all over it now one swipe. They're not going to be careful with that. I've got fingerprints all over it. There's something going on some funky junk on this. <hes> swap residue on swipe residues is still work. I don't know i haven't tried it again as long as it's still wearing and put it back in case if maybe get someone to paint it for you if it gets to derry very lost it all right off the first blocks over talking about apple cart. I didn't mean to take a whole lot quick. Yes so if you want to know which locations accept apple pay. You actually have to go to <hes>. I'm apps on your phone. Oh type in apple pay and they'll tell you which locations except just show everything around the area. Oh that's cool yeah. Well now demanded bit seven eleven instead of my gas station. That's right by my house to you. Get stuff now. I was kind of splitting up my trips between the two gas stations now have to go to seven eleven all the time now just to use this car is the other place doesn't have appleby but make sure you registered for seven eleven at because i've got probably fifteen thousand points. Have you been one of the nude gigantic seven eleven what there's one at sylvan thirty thirty. I can't remember were yeah but <hes> it's more like a cutie or racetrack something like that. They have smoothies and also like food like a cafe basically okay yeah. I liked their food. Though i'm friends with the manager my seven eleven by my house she tells it all the new seven eleven things that are happening her name. I don't know but she looks like a rhonda. You go. I'm going over but still this little tidbit when my mom all your tidbits bets. I know i'm well. I don't know if they still do i think they do. I haven't recently but my mom my sisters. We used to go to city place offer seventy five replace tower right. They're like whoa buy at target and said he plays and haskell okay yeah yeah so having high school while they used to do <hes> these like <hes> recall it <hes> trials like for new seven food. They were gonna come out. Oh yeah oh yeah so you can go in. Mike test the food that they're having like <hes> rated and say you know take a little survey and say. Do you like it what you like about it so that rate it and before the new sandwiches came out. That's i think we we're able to take the sandwiches <hes> were out and they give you like a gift card or something else that's so great twenty five bucks but they're good and they also have really good desserts like little brownies and stuff every time i go in. I'm like i'm going to be good. I'm doesn't get the turkey sandwich. This little healthy chips my coke zero and go to the counter and there's very healthy. It's only it's only eight. Hundred calories burns it off.

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