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Top local news every 30 minutes, and when it breaks 95.5 WSB depend on it. Georges Republican senators expressed their support for President Trump Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney Barrel. Senator Kelly Leffler, who was there for the Rose Garden ceremony prays Barrett's background and sterling qualifications, but says the worst elements of the left will come after her with everything they have Leffler pledge that Senate Republicans would have her back said To David Perdue calls Barrett and outstanding choice, saying she understands the importance of protecting our nation's founding principles. Senate confirmation hearings are scheduled to begin on October. 12th Jennifer Perry 95.5 WSB Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden today in Delaware says it's clear with President Trump is doing with his latest Supreme Court nominee. The Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court right now. As I speak to eliminate the entire affordable care act. Biden says many Americans would be hurt. If Obamacare does go down following oral arguments that'll happen in November. George's secretary of state is launching a quick and convenient way to securely track your absentee ballot. It's called ballot tracks the campaign launch to reassure Georgia voters. Their votes will be counted at once. Georgia voters sign up, He'll get either email or text message alerts on the status of their ballots. Notifications will be sent out when the absentee ballot application is accepted when it sent and if, and when it's accepted or rejected. You can register for ballot tracks at Georgia dot ballot tracks. All one word ballot A T R A X Dot net and Jews around the world and right here in Georgia, marking the holiest day of their faith..

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