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Has a win their thirty five points back sitting third. Any Hamill two wins Kabul with three wins? There's your leader didn't mention it. Because Laskey also has two wins in there as well. But what about the big three from a year ago? Carey, you know, you've got Cal Bush in the points lead, which is awesome. But the next one up is Harvard fourth and then true expec in seven so possibly these new rule packages and tricks moving to Jay GR and some of the stuff in the off season looks kinda in love the playing field a little bit for some of these guys. Yeah. And you got Penske in the mix a lot. Yeah. Definitely. I mean llegado won the championship last year. But for the majority of the season, he was not the the favorite going into homesteads. So this this is a big shift in the power at the top of the series. I think aside from Cal Bush, of course, doing Kyle Busch things. Okay, track stats for Richmond. That's what's on tap for this weekend. Are they still calling at Richmond international raceway or is it just Richmond race Richmond race? It's no longer international because we don't want any foreigners involved. So just Richmond raceway. So Daniel Suarez has been erased off the entry already much. Yeah. I think that's what's going to happen. It's called Marcus Ambrose was kicked out the action track. So that's why you gotta say the action track. We might see some slide jobs vans. Lie job slide job. If you ask most drivers, I mean, this is one of the most basic interview one on one questions and drivers actually hate it. But if you do ask them what their favorite track is almost all of them are gonna say Richmond. It's just one of their favorites. It's pretty cool. Right unless you're Jimmy Johnson price at Dover. If you're yeah. Arms Ville, you know. Yeah, there's a few people who pick some different things, you know, what I think everybody at this point in pick something different. So I don't think it's Richmond anymore right short-track that looks Smith's them above a one point five mile. Oh, we'll go ahead on Google maps, Google earth and check it out for yourself. You're going to go. Oh, yeah. Carries right? But kidney track looked like amount of half track from above just you know, what I mean d shaped looking thing, I guess, all right? So three quarter mile oval banking up to fourteen degrees. Eight and two front and back stretches twelve ninety feats front stretchy, sixty backstretch. I'm reading this all backwards. I think stage one, yeah, you're all place. Well, if they know what I mean stage. Ends at one hundred lap stage. Two ends at two hundred laps which means I presume the end of the race is another two hundred laps because it's four hundred total. I did all the math. Right. I think right four laps Twitter miles. That is Richmond last year's winner. Kerry. Who was it? It's gotta be Kyle Busch. Right. Yep. He came from the deepest and the field at a monster energy Cup series driver who has won this race has ever started. Richmond from thirty second place. That's impressive. Who was the fall race winner? Richmond. Carry murphy. Same Kyle Busch. Yes. It's the NASCAR Kyle Busch series. Apparently, I think they need to rework the logo. That'd be cool. Let me pretty sweet I don't know about that. Do you think? I mean, he's the driver. So it has to be a little sweet check at all the action. If you feel like watching Kabua's win Saturday night, seven thirty pm eastern on FOX. Now. Of course, this is the track where he in junior got together back in what eight God that was so long ago. Who cares? I mean things like that happen will we see Kyle Busch. Anger and other legion of fans tame chase Elliott out this when everybody loves Kyle Busch. Now, but they really love chase Elliott. Yeah. I guess, hey, let's run down this list. Here that's in front of us the radically. Good drivers at Richmond. Dead. Silence. Yep. I will no longer say anything any of these things you have a kid with Joel Gano who has two wins. Eight top fives eleven top tends to polls and his average finishes eleven point six at Richmond. How about the guy who just finished second this past week Kurt Busch? And the number one I believe it's some kind of global poker dot com. Car this week anyway for Chip Ganassi racing to win seven top fives. Fifteen top tens of average finish thirteen point eight. See? That's what I wanna see. I wanna see Kyle Busch. Get wrecked.

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