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Welcome to the audible presented by trader. Joe's i'm stewart. Mandel joined by bruce feldman bruce. It's the first weekend of october coming up. And it's a heck of a slate of games in college football so many important games. I we i mean i was picking the ten games for our picks column in there were ones that and the other week would be a no brainer that i couldn't even fit in there Which most interested in listen in a lot of to be honest. I i you know the thing that i would preface by saying is some of the games that i'm most interested in about Have some actually surprisingly big spreads I'm curious. I think because arkansas has been a revelation the first month of the season that they're going on the road to georgia arkansas. Coming off what felt like a big game against am spreads. Eighteen and a half. That is a big number for anything involving top ten team. That's not playing alabama right. And so i to me that i'm curious about that I will touch on these more in depth. I mean to answer a question. I'm very curious to see how michigan's offense does against. What's with the number one. Run defense the country wisconsin's not been good at all on offense with the have been able to stop. The one thing. Michigan is really lived on. So i don't want to say if michigan wins this game on the road at wisconsin that checks the box and they're for real but i think it's a test an end to me obviously. Have the kiffin saved a match up with the one that i'm very interested in is cincinnati's coming off a bye week. Notre dame's coming plan wisconsin and blowing them out. Cincinnati is actually a one and a half point favorite on the road against notre dame was undefeated. Are you surprised by the spread. Even i'm surprised it's not higher Also i'm surprised that this game is not getting more of a top billing. I understand that. Georgia arkansas is also a top. Ten game in. Arkansas has a hot story right now. And that's where game day's going But we've been talking about this insane. Uranium all off-season as the game that if cincinnati win i if they bite beat indiana which they did and then cincinnati beats notre dame if they'd be both those teams on the road that low you wo. We've suddenly got a path for our first ever group of five team to make the playoffs and now that it's here you know before the season i would say that's that's gonna be an uphill task for the bearcats but i don't think people realize name is four no in they're in the top ten and you know they had a very what ended up being aloft. Sided win against wisconsin. A little bit. Deceiving the final score bruce notre dame is ranked a hundred and twenty eighth in the country in rushing one hundred twenty eight thousand one hundred thirty teams two point three yards per carry in one hundred twenty ninth in. They've allowed twenty sacks more than any team in the country besides akron and they're going up against cincinnati who is known for their defense. Sell me on why notre dame can win this game Because they played a lot more big games to be honest To the idea that cincinnati might just not might be my ob- by i think i think cincinnati's good i know they have a lot of athletes especially defensively desmond ritter. I think is the better quarterback in this game. I will tell you why. I'm picking cincinnati to win the game just like you are. But i can see why some hesitance because you know we're basically giving cincinnati allotted juice off last year and the fact that they beat in indiana team who by the way hasn't looked good this year. They got blown out iowa. They barely beat western kentucky and they actually outgained cincinnati in that game and were seemed to be handling it pretty good until their best defensive player. Gotta targeting call in that kind of change the game. So i i get why there is some hesitance on cincinnati. You know looking a little deeper into it. I think cincinnati is good. But i think they're like i wanna see how they do against. Are they going to light. Up the notre dame defense i mean. I'm not sure you know. Like i get why people like notre dame's offensive line has been uncharacteristically Underwhelming they're run game as you said and with the backs have back kyran. Williams's was borderline all american candidate. They have not got the run game going they. They got a bunch of points in either. The return game with chris tyree or on pick sixes latte last week You know i'm interested to see how this plays out now to me. A big factor here is cincinnati is coming off a bye week so they had a week to an added week to really prepare and get ready for this I dunno know i mean. Would you be surprised if notre dame won this game by double digits by double digits twenty. I'm not saying northern can't win They're still very good team playing in their in their home stadium. But yeah i guess if if they win by double digits than it tells me that the 'cause you're right in the indiana game indiana basically dominated the first half and then cincinnati took over in the second half so if nerd aim of winning big it tells me that that first half was more indicative of cincinnati twenty twenty one that it wasn't just them Brushing it off and and pulling away in the second half the way dame would win this game is probably much the way they. They be wisconsin. They were they would cause turnovers pick off desmond ridder a couple of times big big plays special teams because they're not gonna be able to. I don't think sustain long touchdown drives against with with with the With the lack of a running game it's gonna be hold. Cincinnati down chip away. Get a pick six at some point something like that. Today's episode is sponsored by the nba and their quest to advance the game of basketball grow the community and impact culture. The league celebrates its teams players and fans across the past present and future as part of the seventy fifth anniversary season. That's game highlights pivotal moments encore and beyond from iconic plays in arenas to the impact players have in communities. That's the nba. That's game. it's like game five of the nba. Finals where i was lucky enough to be there bucks sons in milwaukee. I'm sitting kitty corner from janas out of the cuco as he rises up for that incredible. You've drew holiday. Having stolen the ball from devon booker on the other side found yonathan transition. Incredible stuff. That's the nba. That's game. This is more than just basketball. It's what connects us all and keeps us coming back for more. That's the nba..

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