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One to five no four-ball Friday would be complete without the man. We call 'em guy guy. What up son? Is this really guy? Yeah. All right. Didn't sound like you for a second satellite. It's not like an impostor temp. He's right. He's right. There is no one like him. Then then that is definitely you. What's going on? None hanging out doing radio. It is June fourteenth at Nova five three five in beautiful Saint Pete Florida a gorgeous venue. Yeah. Find yourself a baddie. What's baddie? A couple of days is pitch. Like, bad, baby. Go ahead. Not. Before. Yeah. Mike. Yet. I am. Unimpeded? Something. Jon snow about that. Now, my hero. Jon snow. He's just one thing you disrespecting through Dorthe king. You might like the fact that he died twice gonna like the fire in the next week. Is going to be real easy when he takes his sword. Any kills. That's just a guess. I think he really takes out. What the best what's.

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