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Radio fifteen tim wnyc lower talking all things real estate with chris corp reform miss midtown title and andrew brewer trauma benchmark realty and we were talking before the break about us the price story that we sprung up on andrew this she didn't even remember but at a client that recently closed that had a nice little early christmas present leaders alone right yeah we did alone guy i did the closing you did to closing android did she was there agent on their sale and their purchase of the whole team was involved i say she decides this past week call you mrs claus on this gift so we are all involved dislike we talk about we isolated erased evolutionary step of the way and i want to enter the share her success story with these folks sale the house they sold actually was well you know they sold and i bought the one they sold was kind of out of town a little bit what's funny is the guy who bought it on the day of closing kept text in may and he was like oh i have for internet and i said i asked since she's acid you don't have internet do you and she was like no another um they don't actually have internet and i said with their neighbor does and i think they have at t so he's calling all these places and he was i think he was kinda panicked because he said i i can get anywhere that gaz internet and then i asked my mob sellers and i said dijana use net flakes or anything in they like no we just did red box and i was like oh my god live without lists are unimaginable like no they just wear it they don't really have what you really get la mainsail audit released heighten that to the gabon lousy but i hope he has internet now but the luck buddy andy lie the house that they bought is back in town and they actually had their appraisal done you know nowadays everything so cutthroat and you have all these.

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