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News flash it is five forty five thank you Lynn with three things you need to know right now president trump is invited some special guests to help them highlight key themes in tonight's state of the union address among them is in Oklahoma mother who lost her army husband a roadside bomb in Iraq and a California man whose brother was killed by someone the White House contends should have been deported rather than released from jail we'll have the president's state of the union address live for you at seven o'clock right here on K. T. A. R. news and was sixty two percent of the Iowa precincts reporting Pete booted ginger is a leading the Iowa caucuses with Bernie Sanders in second place Elizabeth Warren Joe Biden coming in third and fourth again plenty of precincts still to be counted though and a company that developed the reporting app that failed is taking responsibility for the coding issue firefighters today fill the meeting of the Senate Appropriations Committee at the state capitol at stake the fate of a bill that would fix the loopholes and for cities to cover job related cancer treatments for firefighters you're never more than fifteen minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's news station KTAR news D. A. R. traffic traffic call still got a closure this afternoon here's detour Dan in the valley Chevy dealer traffic center Dogana is that north bound to to southbound freeway it's still close friend that earlier six vehicle accident it looks like there's still no estimated time of re opening and I think I'd stick with the I ten or you're just gonna have to take your chances with the service reach there to work your way back up to the idea we also have some right time for you if you had an east thirty eight minutes at the moment southbound one a one zero slash price from Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard south to the sentence thirty six minutes on the U. S. sixty eastbound elves work I should say from the I tend Ellsworth a lot of minutes from the to what you're about freeway fifty one east of the one on one and eighteen minutes on the tennis about seventeen split to the Santana and still working a crash U. S. sixty west mounted Gilbert two right lanes blocked stay left on it the traffic report brought to you by some of their medical get your peak performance back with some Advil medical seven male medical for ito three nine a one thousand or some of the medical background that seven mil reticles dot com featured in case here is today on Wall Street the Dow rose four hundred seven points the nasdaq was up a hundred ninety four and the S. and P. was up.

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