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The four of you kids were already And then did he come out in the living room and say oh my gosh i just had this dream The way i remember it was like my brother. And i slept in one room and the girl slept in another room and i remember him coming in and telling me and my brother about it and i don't know if he can't remember. He gathered everybody around him but i remember he just woke up and he said he will up in sweat which ensure look sweaty So yeah that was an event that happened. I mean he he dreamt it as it happened. Do you remember what year this was. I think it was around. Nineteen fifty fifty one or something like that. I remember i went up to want to montana. Maybe about nine years ago for a class reunion and Off the horse damn right now. They have kind of a public area. People can go in there and read old newspaper articles and so forth and i asked the lady that was working there. I told her about my father's stream and she says oh. Yeah that oh yeah. Yeah and she showed me. They had old newspapers there and she showed me in the newspaper. Showed the guy's name and all that you know 'cause i don't know what his name was and this and that he lived. I think he lived in cal- spell which is the nearest town. They didn't have your father's dream in the paper right. no no and then and then there was another. There was another dream that early on when they built the dam. The tunnel had already been built and construction ongoing on the damn. They were pouring cement and things like that. It was a work in progress and But earlier early on the engineers had studied the the mountains the mountains structure the rock structure before they ever started building the dam. So when you build a dam up in the mountains like that you clear off the land you get rid of any Any movable debris and boulders et cetera..

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