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Radio. America. Spanning coast to coast all over flyover nation the dinner show. From hats. Sure. We're just upset over clothing in America. There's nothing else at all going wrong in society. So we're going to get upset over, hats and shirts. I have for you audio somebody fourteen a man had a Trump shirt, and it made a gym owner. Will it hurt their feelings? Listen to this news report. Courtney glared this is the short now causing a lot of controversy. This member says he doesn't understand why it's a problem. But tonight, the owner is standing by her decision to ban it this country is free. Like, that's what I fight for freedom. When Daf sergeant Jake Talbot, isn't touring. He says he stays in shape by working at CDI, fitness. A gym in Troy, Missouri. He's belong to for eight years. One of the big things that focus on being with military. But after what happened Sunday morning Talbot says he won't go back and also Trump for president twenty sixteen. Talbot says he was wearing this shirt when the owner approached him and politely asked him not to wear it to the gym again, saying the shirt was offensive to herself and others racist. It represents racism, Don. Talbot says he finished his workout before posting his frustrations to Facebook. Forget hate that word. People use it as a way to twenty nineteen hell over not racism, the gym's, owner declined an interview with news four, but says the shirt made several members feel uncomfortable. It's a shirt. Yes cain. You're you're okay. The owner of a gym. These are gym goers people that, you know, don't they take care of themselves. So they don't have to be weak human beings. Why are they proving to be weak human beings? I don't get this. See I'm gonna look this up. CD why fitness in Troy, Missouri. Now, Missouri's are hosted Troy's not not too far. Oh, I I don't know that this. While they're going to get some great reviews. Now, can you imagine they're gonna get? And by the way, this is an army veteran who has told us an army veteran by a gym owner who was told maybe don't maybe don't wear that. But do do people not see the problem. Like right now, if you're drinking of water bottle, and I just decided that that's racist. And then other people agree with me. Yeah. All of a sudden, you drinking out of a water bottle is racist. What kind of sense does that? I mean, he had a two thousand sixteen Trump for president. Sure. That's what it was has sleeves cut off. And how in the world was it making people uncomfortable. I'm uncomfortable here standing in the squat rack, not using it for squats while looking at this man's shirt. I'm uncomfortable people who don't like rewrite their Wade's. These are these people who are complaining about if you're paying attention to what someone's wearing you working out, bro. You ain't working out. If you are watching what everyone else is wearing. And you're so distracted from your workout that you're offended by someone's shirt. You're not working out. Bre you're not. I thought this was a planet fitness. I guess it's planet fitness junior. I don't know. But this is. Oh my heavens. She said it it's racist and represents a racism what? Yeah. Because she just made it up, and he I mean, so he walked out an army veteran who's run out of CD. Why Jim in Troy, Missouri? That CD why John and Troy, Missouri. Runs out. An army veteran over his Trump shirt. And they said that the chick who owns Liz Burke, who is the gym owner. She said that she doesn't think that the gem. It's just not a it's just it shouldn't be a political statement. We should have political statements. She that's what she wrote. She goes allow me to clarify. I don't believe our gems should be a political forum for anyone. I will everyone feel uncomfortable here. We're all trying to improve ourselves. Our hardest change. Liz. Hoses shirt unsafe for others hose assured, unsafe for others. I just wanna know. Yeah. Yeah. The gym owner. Liz, Burke said that she claims that she didn't she she claims that she didn't ask him to leave. She just said not to wear your shirt again. He's a veteran once you oh, man. I'm trying to be FCC friendly here. That he went and found another place to work out. So just to reestablish CD way, Jim on by Liz, birth control, Missouri. Apparently, you know, if you're a veteran, and you wanna be able to wear a t shirt because I mean, high I think, you know, don't you think that he probably on the right to wear whatever the hell he wants it'll hurt Liz Burks feelings because she's triggered by t shirts. We wear as our own expression. Why is first amendment the window? Why is she infringing upon his civil rights to express his viewpoints? I mean, that's what it is your urine fringing upon his civil rights to express his viewpoint. It's really simple your rights, and where someone else's rights begin. So no one's hurt or physically accosted. There's no negative unless you decide from a shirt, so stop what is up with this. What people getting all freaked out over clothing and hats, hats, clothing. I mean, I just it doesn't. I don't get it. Now going from this story to this really really disturbing story. This is just awful. So New York, and we've talked about this before like how long does it take free decide really like if you're going to have an abortion, which I am not pro. I think I'm all about whatever contraception. You wanna do? Get hit Republicans are trying to make a birth control over the counter Democrats killed it for some reason because because Planned Parenthood lobbied them, apparently, that's how what the report was I guess was cutting into their business, but they tried to do that several years ago a couple of times, but how long does it take you to figure out that you don't want to be a parent. Because now what New York has done. They are legalizing abortion up to birth. The proposed legislation raises current limitation on abortion and the state which is set at twenty four weeks. Yeah. They said every individual who becomes pregnant and has a fundamental right to choose to carry the pregnancy to term it cetera et cetera et cetera et cetera. The Bill was apparently passed. In the legislature yesterday to commemorate the Forty-six anniversary of Robie Wade. Wow. And they also remove abortion from the definition of homicide. The penal code entirely. I mean, it is an and Cuomo had said previously that he doesn't believe that pro-lifers have any place. They don't have any place in the say. So this is up to birth. Yeah. Question whenever there is a let's say, for example, there a pregnant woman was shot while being robbed right and the baby died to the person who was responsible for that is charged with two murder. Well, maybe not New York anymore. Will you know what I mean? I don't know if that's changed though. I don't know that part of the laws changed, but it's completely inconsistent with where everyone else is on the law, and according to New York State Department of health eighty seven thousand three hundred twenty five abortions took place in New York during twenty sixteen CDC said there were ninety three thousand ninety six abortion during twenty fifteen. The good mockery institute reported that there were one hundred nineteen thousand nine hundred nine hundred and forty abortions in New York on twenty fourteen. So they so now it's wow.

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