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He's doesn't some really good movies and inception thought was exceptional. And another one you know I think he does movies that really stand up to repeated viewing. To me I think that was That's one that people didn't seem to really liked the ending I thought the ending was perfect. Exactly the way should been. and I'm looking forward to tenant, but here's my problem. And this kind of a big problem for me. Christopher Nolan is a firm believer of the movie going experience. He still shoes a lot of stuff on seventy millimeter. you know he's a vivax stop sign. He wants you to go to a movie theater to see it because that's how he makes his movies for movie theater and I get that. That's cool. Except in the middle of fricken pandemic in hundreds of thousands of people are dying and he's pushing movie theaters to reopen as soon as possible. So people can watches movie. I have an issue with that I think that that is amazingly irresponsible. Well So. He's a thing I've got the theme for this week's. This week's episode really is, is it Christopher Nolan pushing it? Yes. He's done interviews. He's actually come out and talk to the press. He's not want this movie to go right to video right? That's well, that's a different point. Yeah. Is he pushing for it to be released now? Yet, or is he just saying whenever it's ready? I want it to be seen in the movies is at the studio is pushing it to Really Been Royce now or is it or is it Christopher Nolan himself saying I wanted to be released. Now I think they're on the same page. Everything, I've read I saw like they're more on the same page I am not so sure and this is where. The problem is it comes down to con-. Bad reporting really is the hulk of these stories is that they want to get this movie theaters. They conflate that with they WANNA, get the phases I've missed quick as quickly as possible. Therefore, they want to get this this movie theaters as quickly as possible, and then you have the story of the theaters who really want to reopen because they're not making any money groped, but they're terrified of putting off people by by making a lot like again the they're being irresponsible. Yeah, and the problem is is that is the way I'm in look hey, we go his his a headline that just kind of under steitz this this is from and says Christopher. Nolan movies. Ranked by with I'd risk my life to see them. That's horrible. Now is horrible. Yeah. I think that going oaks. Is really behind this number experience you know criminal than pushing to have his his movie put out. You know in the middle of a pandemic Christopher, Nolan just trying to kill everybody in the pandemic just for the sake of his movie. That's the narrative that's being put out there I'm just not convinced from the level reporting. I've seen about this because I've seen very few quotes from Christopher Nolan seen a lot of people saying, Oh, you know, and it's certainly true that tenant has had several release dates of all been in the middle of the pandemic. Originally, it was GONNA be June, July and August, and now it September and. You know and certainly you know Nolan is clear that yes, you said. He feels the these movies can't be can't be put straight to video there had to be seen in the theater, but whether he's pushing. A weather in Warner brothers pushing it just not make clear in these stories and then I think that's Reporting friendly. Well, that doesn't surprise me but here's the thing. In here, the broader question. Is it the is this the end of movie theaters. it depends how long it goes. Awful. However. Here's the thing for. How long have we been talking? We can go years back on. Tech Fan. Where were you and I have had brief conversations About video on demand and how you know it's it. We think forget putting the pandemic site without that. That's a better way to enjoy movies for a lot of people. It's a lot less expensive. Yeah. Your in the. Privacy of your home, you can pause to use the bathroom. It's just a better experience now with stuff like sixty, five inch televisions in four K. under five hundred dollars Y-, you're not getting a sub-standard viewing experience at home, and this isn't people watching on their phone. They're watching on big screens at home with really decent audio. So at what point is a movie theater just simply done because more and more people are going to say you know what I'm just going to wait till comes out on video that's been going on since a vhs grace started and that hurt the movie but no eight has an no, it has i. Know that situation has been going on I remember very early on the movie theaters chains being concerned about the impact on viewer figures and the uncertainty I think during the nineties, there was a general. Steady decrease in in in overall viewing figures, they kinda turned it round towards the end of the nineties. And and really mid-2000s onwards then exploded again because they've started doing good movies that well, these big these big ticket popcorn movies that people want to see The the the question yet does not. So to me, there's no question that people enjoy going to see these big movies at theaters. Yeah. The difficulty is, is that Do they enjoy? That experience marched they prepared to risk their health for it and to me the question is independent of the movies themselves and is more about the movie theaters and what's going on at the moment. Basically while cove it is is around you compaq a movie theater and I don't think it's going to happen. Moving forward. No I'd I can agree with you. It's clearer and clearer to be honest if it's clear to me right from the beginning but certainly the what's been happening the last couple of months, which is a loss of for various different reasons whether the economic with the political with an ideological the right around the world, we've seen a phases of countries that have done a lockdown and then have released wrote lockdown and some of them have. Released lockdown in different ways some of them have just basically ignored the problem gone away like in your country A, my country they've been kind of conservative in that sort of thing, but it doesn't matter where they've done or how they've done it in pretty much every company no matter how they dealt with code. As soon as they've released their measures, we've seen a bounceback of the virus, which is obvious because it's not an away. And this is a contagious virus, and as soon as people start mingling more than the virus spread small. No matter what. What what controls you put in place the the only real way of stopping the virus from spreading keeping people upon so. Movie theaters face a problem because their business is packing people together and I I don't think even if they they had perfect moss compliance and with social distancing yet, they would be able to get enough bums on seats on a regular basis for movies to be particularly viable. and so the reality is, is that while this crisis continues to go on in it but to me, it's becoming clear that this is this is a thing we're gonNA be living with for a few years at least. Is. Community theaters operate in a way that that they can stay open and I don't think like can I think the? The mechanics of the movie industry a look at the the reason they're pushing hard for tenant. I'm talking about Warner Brothers now Christopher Nolan. Spent two, hundred, million dollars on that. You're a big chunk of that money is marketing and they need to get it back and that means they need to have this. These comedies big opening weekends with a long tail and.

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