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Jesus Christ and he went too far well who who does know who was okay the Assam by it may be said I don't think we will bring up that that story about coal we tell the whole story you know I'm saying you guys because how do you accuse the you know didn't want to go to the trial was probably no one will do the job because he didn't want evidence coming out against her like defective found semen I'm a while ago in the woman's Patey the belong to Colby but at the end of his mental state with a question if you've been hospitalized for much before you so that you would take an anti psychotic drug for schizophrenia at the time of the incident you gotta tell the whole story if you went out and at that time Kobe did say in a statement although I truly believe this encounter between it's was consensual I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did that's right and that's why when he was alive especially going after time that should have been a broader discussion you know I'm saying somebody should have asked him to elaborate on that especially in this era of me two times up where you know what's not consent and what can sit with the topic of discussion noted in a perfect time after that when he was alive and lastly I just want us to bring up since we haven't been since they just discussed hobby YC they weren't yet and happy when I see these questions you know hi real Y. scene is still in New York that he has is re child going on in Manhattan and Lauren Marie young who's thirty years old she was testifying about how she was a model in New York City before she moved to LA age twenty and he talked about being invited to an Oscars dinner for having my scenes he said I've been to a couple of places where he had been in the past but I wasn't directly at his table and she talks about reaching out to him about a script they had a meeting and they met at a bar he showed up and she said he was on his phone he was headed discussing what ideas we had my script and he said what about America's next top model I said no I don't want to be on reality TV at some point he said let's finish this conversation follow me upstairs I have to get ready to present and she said they win this week and that's when you know she said he lowered her into another room which was a bathroom and she's going to continue to take the stand by the way today get cross examined but she is the six women who is testified understand she's at the final one for New York I really can't wait to see how the Harvey Weinstein trial ins she said he showed up naked behind unzipped her dress started pulling it down and he was **** and grasping her right breast and as you know and she was screaming no no no while he was doing it and he said this is what I'll actually is due to make it all the one seeds trusted in him getting some jail time and if it doesn't I can't wait to hear what Lobel CSC about all right well I mean is it a year and that is your room a report that's right we got front page news actually that's let's talk about the New Hampshire at town hall is that happened yesterday all right the breakfast club the breakfast club your morning so now would be to say Hey with Angela yee and Charlamagne here and there's one thing that everybody loves on Valentine's day the five star rated puzzle game best beans with thousands of fun levels is more than a game this relationship download free from the apps store or Google play today best friends.

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