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Though you you take a step back as the player and even if he's telling you listen you just need a break in your mind. The team needs to win. And this guy's choosing to not have me be a part of the club to go. Try to get a win. So it's like no matter what you can say that ralph where we can say. He doesn't have a dog. Which i'm not saying that's not true. Where like he's probably definitely willing to give them a chance again. But ralph Looks at his entire team as any coach india and says like i don't love his game he's not necessarily in my dog goes. I just don't think he's that good. And i think that skinner right now. I mean he's skating was always different right. He was able to move but it was the opening up of the hips and there were many different ways. He was able to create space herself and skating through the neutral zone. He'd be like okay. It wasn't always in a straight line. Maybe he's had injuries in the past isn't the same player anymore but to have that much more time at nine million. They can't trade him they're only hope. Is that the crack and would take them. And ron francis was in carolina when they drafted him and jason barley assistant. Gm gave him the contract in buffalo. Right so maybe they're yourself. It's an inside job. I don't know you hold half the dole and we'll take them we're not paying them that what you oughta. Who gave on what you're insinuating. It's an inside job. Isn't the ira. It'll be a hell of a conspiracy and you love going to spend the next two weeks in the computer castigate. He'll like allred youtube till four this morning so to get serious about it. I don't know tough time. You got imagine eichel not going to stand much longer for this. You said he's a one year deal. I don't know if he's regretting the decision. I don't know how how what's going on inside the locker room but you can gain some pretty good assets as far as drafting capability. I in maybe get some young prospects. I just think it's gonna get worse before it gets better and and you have pieces that you can move now and you mentioned one of what you're in control of the the the no trade or no move clause kicking the next year you'd have to agree to it or pick y'all of a sudden you're getting the list to the teams that would take in a tough situation for the organization ultimately though i say blow at the up now and it's gonna get bad for two years but at least at that point it's gonna turn around to where you don't want to be in the same position three fucking years from now. I know the problem is it. Was this bad seven years ago and then they got eichel and it was thank god we did it. We went through that time. We're going to. We're going to go and now it's like. Oh my god wait. We're doing that again. I didn't work this good. He's he's gonna go find somebody else. one other thing sign. Heart's been good this year. I mean that's been a positive note. He's easing second in team scoring right now behind all of sudden who who's another good young stud so they got some pieces like we know today's nhl with with everything going on you can turn around quickly but holy fuck man. This is like one organization. I was pulling for. I think i might have had the making playoffs this year. Yeah might be getting first overall pick. All of a sudden has been one of the few bright spots second in the league power play goals with six but honestly i don't think it was a bad play by halsey because he probably figured we'll even if they suck this year. I'll get traded the deadline. He could very well end up on it. You probably will sir. I mean you wanna plant a season but it gives him a little bit more control in that sense and he was able to potentially fetches number. So i mean he's a he's our body and i hope that he's able to get moved and go to an away better situation and he's able to get paid accordingly but i can't imagine that he expected it to go this bad. Yeah i mean he might have his cake and eat it too if he ends up with a good squad at more tough new so buffalo gago linus ullmark and the one of the few bright spots. He's going to be able to at least a month with the low body injury. So it's like the more what's at the mar more rains. It pours as easy when it rains. Or pledge out biz. Help me out but so either. Way man yeah. We don't like the pick on buffalo. We know the great fans. But it's a situation that you know we got to talk about so or the more things change the more they remain the same. Yeah that's another one that but let's move over to the capitals. They had a great week three. Oh wouldn't one week. Seven point jumped in the first place. Hank lundquist did skate the other day which is great to see but he's still months away from plan they're not even putting any sort of timetable on it but vernon caps man. I mean they had a couple little bumps in the road but they're looking pretty shop lately. I haven't been watching much shawn. I open my mouth about the caps. Miss playoffs this year. That tells you the extent of my hockey knowledge that division when we when we watch and like you know we've got the anders penguins stream on sunday. Thanks to labatt blue light. You just see like the pittsburgh had success against the islanders all of a sudden the take it to them. They went on to nothing game boring as hell. Thanks islanders and then you just look like pittsburgh's not even in the playoffs right now and so that that division is so strong where the rangers fans had way higher expectations. And what's going on there now. Granted they're falling away quickly with buffalo and the devils in terms of like. This is a five horse race Washington's i don't want to say the entire time it heads and shoulders above the rest of the division because i think boston's looked so good through certain stretches. They had a tough go. Rangers and islanders pounded them. I'm kind just jumping all over the division more. So because i bring up like washington's good but that that is such.

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