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That's very true. I've actually done that one before the start right. it's just like you just. This is the same kind of thing you just like. Click link to link to link to link and you just read and read and read and read and read and it's super. I dunno i loved it. I don't know that had. I never played control if i wouldn't have been into it. Probably not but. Because i did. That's why it made my list or delist. Rather can i read one of these. You go forth and anwr quick. Slender man was part of the sap foundation correct. I thought i had remembered reading that. I think it was put in here. I don't think it was originally on here. But i could be wrong on that. Okay i could. I could totally be wrong on that. Maybe that was initially started. But i don't remember that being where it started on our now the origination was a creepy pasta yet. Yeah that's a Yeah i think. He's in here somewhere though. I'd because i came across them i have to read it. I i mean. I'd have to go through all of them type in search so so here i'll read The log of unexplained locations which immediately caught my eye because It's funny i. I totally just talked about bond skinny but i was supposed to talk about randa. Yeah right i mean it was it was it was my fault so but anyway So this this one's twenty so unexplained location you e. dash nine four one seven one two description a sphere five meters in radius all humans who are caught in the sphere spontaneously vocalise in english. Boy i wish i had a nice cold pepsi right now. Regardless of native language or knowledge of the pepsi brand have envied. There's like. I said there's some of them on here. That are very comedic in kind of. It's kind of acts as like a pallet cleanser through some of the more serious ones. You know what. I mean once you get to a a one. That's funny you're like that's pretty light. So specific yeah yeah. They are very unexplained location. You e. dash eight six seven. Nine to zero is described as a treehouse behind an abandoned house. The words s c p clubhouse are carved into the wood insider three boxes. The first box is labeled one zero six. A gi joes action figure cruelly painted black is contained inside. The second box is labeled six eight to the skeletal remains of a lizard are contained inside. The third box is labeled nine nine nine. A single cup of orange jello is contained inside despite the possible containment breach this poses. Nothing about the location is anomalous number. Seven the nibiru cataclysm. Yes this is another one that. I'm pretty sure that you guys have heard of before. And at least in some capacity is that a false statement never in my life. But really you never okay. How about planet x nothing okay. Well so the. I'm gonna call it planet x. Because i have such a hard time saying to be rou- or how reset it's a internet theory of a supposed disastrous encounter between earth. Any large planetary. Sometimes the collision is a near miss. sometimes groups. think it's gonna hit directly and it's supposed to take place sometimes sometime in the twenty first century and it started in nineteen ninety five when nancy lighter. I hope i'm saying her name right. Claim to have gotten a message from terrestrial that warn of the impending danger of the rogue planet and this theory actually became. I know why you zita routine i got. Well actually stay. Tuned put a pin in that for later. Because there's actually i have another. I have another thing on my list. So yes she these. This message supposedly came from ridiculous. Gray's however you want to name him but the theory actually became pretty closely associated with the twenty twelve apocalypse phenomenon. Which i'm sure everybody has heard of. But it was one of the proposed theories and the theory. The theory is basically. There's a rogue planet that nasa has purposely covering up that has gone through various stages of popularity since its arrival when it started in nineteen ninety five. So it's like sometimes it's not very popular twenty twelve. It was very very popular that seemed to be one of the higher ways that the world was gonna end back then and then the most recent is a christian. And i'm going to put this in quotes because i've never heard this. Before christian numerology just in two thousand seventeen revived the theory citing various passages from the bible. So this is another one of those like internet theories that gains traction by a lot of fake confirmation quote confirmations by nasa where you see like me on facebook says nasa confirms the existence of planet axe. And yada yada yada in. It's one of those things where people don't go in and research. You know what. I mean they just take it for what it is like. Oh my gosh they really. They finally said that it's coming so there's a lot of. There's a lot to dive into here. I'll i'll share the the wikipedia page on the blog. Post and you can find yourself in there for hours or minutes depending on your interest level on this one i think and i think that this is like a a gina of thing that makes me makes me laugh so often. It's like the people predicting the end of world. And they're like oh it will happen in twenty twelve. Oh it'll happen in two thousand like. Oh oh misread it. Yeah i was just slightly off. It might be a couple more years. I guess yeah. I think i think this one for me. I like it so much just because of the space aspect of it. Everybody knows me knows. I'm obsessed with space and everything that has to do with it. So i think that it's personal space especially personal space for sure. Yes right right. So i think that i don't know i just enjoyed reading it again. Another thing on the list. I don't personally believe is true. But it's definitely the theories that people come up with in the way that nasa's hiding them all this different stuff just like the bond skinny thing. I take one thing and then they turn it into this huge conspiracy and i i. I don't want to say. I respect that but i kind of you know. I like reading about him. Chad can we do a whole episode on the different theories of the possible end of the universe. Like oh for sure like the ones that are actually scientific and have like basis. I think that'd be sure. Yeah i definitely. I definitely enjoy that stuff. That would be a fun episode for sure. Have you guys ever heard of a christian numerology. Though i've heard of christians and i've heard of numerology i have not heard them combined. No yeah. I can't say that i have either number six projects urpo. So let's go ahead and remove that pin ryan that i had told you to put an earlier got project. Serpico is in alleged top secret exchange program between the united states and an alien planet called serbo in the zeta particularly star system. Now i actually came across this. And i don't know if you guys probably have not heard of this. I know alex at least says some slight knowledge of it because he shared the actual article. That.

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