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Europa and settlers the one thing they have in common is very strong magnetic fields to protect them and for a source of heat in the form of gravitational flexing yeah so that's sort of puts all of those pieces together now let me throw one more bit in here because it's part of the fun of dealing with the understanding of planetary bodies so we remember back in two thousand six that the international astronomical union kicked pluto out of the planet club yeah i believe neil degrasse tyson took credit for that well he was certainly in that conversation but it really started with a an astro astronomer called mark brown can't mark brown had been studying trans tuni and objects basically the space around net beyond neptune where pluto and his cousins are between two thousand one and two thousand five he found a bunch more bodies that were flu which exactly yes sedna and heiress i mean if pluto is a planet than heiress was a planet right that's how big it was right and i think there was sort of ono we don't wanna more add more planets to it and it midland pluto is in both areas to all these translate tunes they are different from the other planetary bodies all of our all of the eight big planets that we talk about right now they're all orbiting the same ecliptic plane they're free soclean a flat plane and there's a reason for that the natural overtime dynamics of gravity if you're not on this plane you'll be flung onto the solar system or you'll impact something okay.

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