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Report from the American lung association shows this area is seeing some improvement but we still get a failing grade for particle pollution and ozone It's still something that we struggle with Kevin Stewart with the American lung association There are many days in the course of the three years we look at where ozone levels are high enough to cause asthma attacks to cause people to have problems breathing He says ozone and particle pollution can cause premature death Cardiovascular damage developmental and reproductive harm and particle pollution can also cause lung cancer The air force is thinking about how to move ahead with its chief architect office Federal news networks Scott marioni has more Earlier this week the air force's chief architect Preston Dunlap resigned after three years on the job Now the air force thinks it may need to expand the role he once held Air force secretary Frank Kendall said the service needs a position that can oversee all research and acquisition programs to ensure they integrate well The evolution of the architect's office could do that The air force is building complex weapon systems that share data and communicate facilitating the need for an overarching leader to oversee them Scott mascioni federal news network The film production company involved in last year's deadly shooting on the rust set has now been fined a $140,000 by the state of New Mexico That's the maximum fine possible for gun safety failures by rust movie productions regulators have also released a scathing report on those failures including gun safety complaints that were not addressed So far no comment from the production company or Alec Baldwin who fired the shot that killed 42 year old Helena Hutchins who was the film's cinematographer The nation's last stockpiles of a deadly chemical agent have been eliminated The VX nerve agent was contained in M 55 rockets stored at bluegrass army depot near Lexington Kentucky The last VX failed rocket was destroyed Tuesday Operators at the blue grass chemical agent destruction plant began disassembling about 18,000 of the rockets in July the plant's project manager says the nation's entire stockpile of VX nerve agent considered one of the deadliest in the world is now completely destroyed When New Mexico governor Michelle lujan Grisham and her fiance get married next month they'll do it at a unique Washington venue with someone you know performing the ceremony Vice president Kamala Harris will officiate the wedding at the small event at the naval observatory where the vice president lives the couple had postponed their earlier wedding date because of the COVID pandemic.

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