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She can figure and French fries. Instincts, hipster, because he was like I've never had an avocado before. Now, Mike that shocking to me, like, how have you never tried an avocado knee like I've never tried it tomato or other vegetables? And I was like, well, we're going to fix that. So last night, we got brussel sprouts, but she likes Russell tries tomato, which he did not like our rather, like Frank tanks though. Almost puking never never strawberry. I think tomatoes is the weirdest of all a tomato like who the fuck is just like eating tomato. No. No. Burgers, burgers, you have a salad you have sandwiches. He loves pizza. You never have. I've never had like an Italian combo sandwich, where it's like all the lunch meats and all like lettuce tomato oil early take it out. But like you understand that it's like it's a very common thing. No. You light tomatoes. I'll yeah. Like pizza. I like marinara sauce like catch-up you like everything that's made with tomato. Yeah. I just don't like tomato. I love tomatoes tomato like an app bite into a big amount. And it's kind of like saying, like, you know, like you love Paul McCartney, but you're not a big Beatles guy, shut up so so sh- so you sit down. And this is this is this is where I'm almost, I'm laughing at you, because I mean, there's I think there's a very short list of people who get you eat, an avocado, don't cross sprouts and whatever the fuck it was. Had a child. And so we are doing little games like I was doing airplanes. Recorded the whole thing. Coaster, and then for Brussels sprouts house, like you know, they look like little lettuce heads. Like your giant just imagining small. He likes broccoli. And I was like, oh, broccoli like, don't give me this shit about tomatoes and went out of your unity broccoli. No fucking Brooklyn. I know so it's like. If you ever like Brockton. I mean no, it doesn't. Yes. It does. Which she's it's as very I mean you could give me like a plate of pennies, if you melt cheese on it with taste good. I'll eat anything of Jesus's melted on it. I guess I could understand again, like Frank the tank, it's nothing healthy at all. So when he had anything green or HAMAs, he like started the vomit. If you dabble with Rodney Mack like some nausea with tomato. He if you've seen the videos of the babies when they eat a limited time and they are so dramatic. He not only looked like that. He put his head down on the table, as if he was about to throw up and page cut this tomato. Like what like maybe the size of like the small party or pinky, like it was, maybe this kind of enter to so. Yes on and part of it wasn't even the seats. No, here's what happened. Kevin. It's too. Yeah. The shit. Talking our waitress to or waitress was mind blown, I may, I may the The two two of of us. us run doing like the strawberry allows like whatever touch that tomato is not going into, and she's looking at at page and I like what the fuck is going on this, like special on. Yeah. He asked me how all I was. Because I thought I had never had a strawberry before it. Which, by the way, I like the strawberry was very good against shocker a shop, actually. Yeah. I've, I've prepared for this like, I've had strawberry ice cream in taste very simple nervous Nelson. He put his mouth. And he was like. A huge smile on his face, like this is delicious of strawberry. Was the tomato was that the texture that was the prominent. So even if I have, like we took out. Yeah. If I have like pasta raviolis, or whatever I will scrape like the sauce off. I like a hint of it. I'm not trying to get over wellm by it, and I'm with you. I don't like marinara sauce and like fucking eating the tomato felt like I just like fucking took like a spoon apostle, as like, oh, yeah, this is great. Like I would never I wish you guys can see his base right now. He's like. I would never in a million years, have a tomato ever again. I don't care who's Choo Choo in that ship into my mouth. It's not happening. Never. I'll try I'll shoot you right now. You're too, yeah..

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