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You're looking at 7 years. Before you're legit, and that's because the players you draft are going to take their 18, 1920, most cases before they even get in the league. And then a couple of years past that before they start to really find their stride. That's 5 years. And that's if it works. They've got unrestricted free agents. Dominic kubelet, Calvin de Haan, Marc Andre fleury. They'll get a draft pick for Ryan Carpenter because he's a functional fourth line player. But they got to move them all. Yeah. Looks like Brian Campbell, the old, you know, the retired defenseman and is really tight with Davidson. He's going to be in the front office in a significant role there. They've had lots of time to plan for this. Davidson's has been the interim general manager almost the whole season. And you know the part of their meetings are, okay, if I get, if I get to take over full time, what are we going to do? And the times now. But I think the cane tapes stuff for you for your question. And even Seth Jones, if that's part of the deal, that stuff's more summer than deadline. I think. Yeah. And you have to massage your way through that with no move contracts and all that. Sure. David pyle has come out, general manner of the Nashville predators. And has made it abundantly clear that their focus is on extending Filip forsberg. There's preliminary talks, not a lot of progress made in the dialog with Philip forsberg's agent. When you look at him statistic and again, because he's a pending unrestricted free agent, that's where the speculation comes from. Could he hit the market? If he hits the market, then Nashville is in big trouble, right? Do they make their diamonds? If he hits the market, they're done. Yeah. How do you explain that to ownership? Because for the most part, I mean, they've come back down to earth here in the second half, but they had a good first half of the regular season. Put themselves. Now, how does David poyle explain it? Or how do I explain it? Well, I'm more interested in your explanation because well, because David Boyle's way is going to be different than mine. My way is going to say, the reason we couldn't find forsberg is because we have Matt duchene and Ryan johansen had $8 million a year. Right. And both of them are way overpaid. And we have Roman yossi 9 million. So forsberg has to fit in between those numbers. That's how you would explain it. I'm not sure the general manager that's made those trades and signings is going to explain it the same way. Well, and to your point, you know, and you can always pontificate, but JP Barry CA, all the big hitters in the agent world. They've done their math. They've done their comps on all of these things, right? And if forestburg were go to the where to go to the open market, I think they strongly believe he'd get 9 plus. So is he willing to leave money on the table because Roman UC needs to be the human salary cap on the national predators. We're about what he believes there, right? There's lots of this to it. How does he get along with the coach?.

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