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So it need to be black history month for sure, and yours truly is the voice. I don't like to say voice of God. Because I'm not the guy, but I'm on the God, Mike. Intro in her into the special. So as great I want you to be because you after she asks you to do that. I was saying to myself I want you to do that on my special. I would love to. Yeah. Devin, people the voice that you have carry that. There was amazing that she picked you for that. I think that's you are the perfect person for that. Thank you. I that better to do. I would love to I want every like I just love bringing people on stage. You know, I hosted for many many years in New York City. I got to a point where I was like, I don't wanna host more because I would host it still, you know, people don't understand the host is also a comic. I hate it. When I came from Atlanta, I used to host all the time. And when I came here, I swore that I'm like, I'm not. Yeah. You like I'm done I'm done. But there's a part of it. There's a part of me that I haven't hosted. The last person that got me to host was Patrick mulligan at the stand, and I hosted a couple of shows with him. And I said, Patrick you only person can get me out of host like I ain't trying to host now. I don't know my new situation they gonna ask me eventually those over there. But I don't wanna host. I, you know, but I missed bringing people on the stage. You know, I missed like gear amps when I'm like, oh this ship out to be fired. You know what I'm saying? You know, what is really good? Emcee. But sometimes he brings me I'm like, you gotta tone because you'd be giving people too much like too much build up 'cause they'd be like damn bitch with Diana Ross comedy coming out here. Larry. Larry, larry. I sometimes I say, I'm like, did you? Wikipedia me like the nickleby going through your high school books. She was the oh get ready to come into the stage. She used to play Julius Saka. Great champion of the spilling be and. And you'll hear about four allergies pass..

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