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Green in Harvey, Mike Crausser, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. Kane county's new sheriff spent last night in a jail cell something he says he plans to do about once a month. Sheriff Ron Haines says it's jail not the Ritz Carlton, but he wants to make sure conditions are humane. So he wore what inmates where used the same kind of blanket and toiletries and ate the same food meal so mangled with detainees. With one of the guys and was reminded that up on my chest skills, because he he he trusts me. One condition. Sheriff Haynes says could use changing the breakfast. He liked to see the regular choice of a baloney sandwich and juice change to the kosher offering. This is something that everybody would eat hack. My son would make my fifteen year old will come in here and enjoy this breakfast, and it was peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And some corporate cereal was the mocking an apple juice burning NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM the corner and Lake County. Indiana says a skull found in Gary last year is decades old and likely and educational or museum specimen, the coroner initially said the skull may have been damaged by a gunshot, but no gunshot wound was confirmed during an examination by forensic anthropologists. A man walking his dog found the skull last October along the twenty four hundred block of Pierce street. Footprints in the snow helped Aurora police make an arrest last weekend that story from WBZ. Tmz Pat Cassidy Aurora. Police heard gunshots early Saturday morning from the area of college avenue and union street found two men in a parked car. One acting very nervous one question. Daily herald reports one option then noticed footprints in the fresh snow bottle them to a backyard grill and a handgun inside the other officer match the snow footprints to of the suspect shoes and the surveillance video the suspect firing shots in the air. Twenty-four-year-old? Hobby are garb era faces numerous serious gun charges. Pat, Cassidy news right out of high point nine FM. WBZ news time eleven eight traffic.

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