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Donald Trump did a photo op at the border today. This is a trip he told reporters he didn't even think was worth making the shutdown gets longer. It is on set on pace to break directed for the longest shutdown by this weekend. And all this concern, the focus away from the wall and back inside the US where for load workers and protesters hitting the streets and getting attention for it. Meanwhile, US residents many saying they oppose the wall and their backyard all that has some Republicans in both chambers starting to walk away from Trump. That's a problem for the self proclaimed dealmaker who likes to be the one threatening to walk away to former insiders Trump are with me tonight to explore why his bluster isn't working this time Trump used to claim his strategy was to take things to the edge. But then make a deal one saying you take people to the brink of breaking them without having the break to get a better deal and Trump could always walk out. If he didn't get a better deal. He could walk all the way to bankruptcy. But. But the federal government can't declare bankruptcy. Can't stay closed forever. Trump insisted Mexico would pay for the whole wall. He didn't push them to the brink of breaking or get them to cover say half the walls cost or a quarter. He got nothing. Then you got nothing from the US congress for the wall. And when called and all that Trump says now the buck doesn't stop with the president anymore. Watch this sad decline. Mexico's paying for the wall. Okay. It's an issue of police importantly dollars. We have to finally do the wall will pay for self on a monthly basis. Over this the book sap food everybody. I want to bring in special guest Barbara arrests. Former Trump organization executive she's also the author of all alone on the sixty floor and Tony Schwartz co author of the art of the deal, a friend of the beaten, the author of the way, we work isn't working wonderful to have both of you here seated together for your expertise, Barbara it is easy to normalize. What should not be normal? So for your view, the man, you know, I wanna replay that last moment the president nited states on where the buck stops. Take a look. Doc with you over this shutdown the books food everybody. What kind of deal making always seeing here? Yeah. I thought he was a great deal. Make it to be honest with you and terms of taking the responsibility for the buck. I just wouldn't have to it. It's not in his DNA. He's never responsible. It is always someone else's fault. Yeah. I found myself going back to the art of the deal and looking over those deals that I unfortunately, described thirty years ago, and realizing that most of those deals in that book were failures and the number of deals he's made over the years since then have overwhelmingly been failures. It's a accident of history that he is president. But as a dealmaker he is really one of the worst. I've ever come across. You know, when you think about deal making what is it actually require it requires understanding the other side? So it it, requires empathy. It requires humility it requires courage. These are qualities Donald Trump doesn't have in spades. And your point if the deal is about agreeing to do something real while there may be negoti. Nation and some exaggeration business. The fundamentals have to be true. Otherwise, you end up with a fraud, which is illegal even in tough business deals. Here was Donald Trump. Let's take a look claiming that he actually is honest when he goes sheets, take a look..

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