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It's a mic and Megan this week on all expert at making what have you been up to like you've been in Mexico? Yeah. I've been all over the place. But yeah, I was just in Quintana Roo, which is, but of course, Kuantan ru when Tana Ruth Quintana Roo, but it's it's Cain kin is it Quintana. Roo sounds like a character out of a Disney movie. It awesome. I'm Quintana Roo, why call code I very very poor Eric confused person. I am what's Quintana Roo famous full Cancun. Right. So so I so pitches of your two sons in an ATV one of the sons look like he was about the the other one had a big smile on. So we did we did all adventure stuff while we were down there. So we went to this really cool place called Sivota. And it's like an adrenaline you doing crazies up lines and part of it was they would let you ride ATV's through this what they call their mud track. And I mean, they are regulating you. But we could really go for it. And they wouldn't let us on ATV's. But they would let no it as long as you're eighteen. They would let you drive that. Is it was a qua- dune buggy Lucknow. Yeah. It was still an ATV. But it's more like a car. It was so great though because the kids have never really had an and experience with me before. So it was neat to watch. No, a hang because man, he was really going for him and his drifted like he did really good. And of course, Jon is just hanging on screaming. I mean and then eaten with riding with me, and she's just like Lauda. She's a scaredy cat. And hate it. But she's just like, are you crazy? You all crazy. And like, they they know that. Yeah. The only mom that kids have to give a talking to. That's probably true, actually. But yeah, it was super fun. Like, I said we did a ton of adventure stuff. If we want to see some of that stuff that you wrote and some of the pitches and stuff where I'm going to go to do that go to mommy travels dot net. All right. That sounds like fun. Have you found your son Aqa yet? No. So I've come super close..

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