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To good. Cut on a throwback thursday with heavy t. heavy mfn t and mc here stops radio sports. Talk seven ninety. William harrison who. I just read a treat fronts. That i took a break from the air force between one thousand nine hundred. Ninety five. was the police dispatcher. Missouri city then the dispatcher. Who took mrs sherman's call was atrocious. Yeah that's why i would have. After the three minutes from a distance me listening. Made me feel like that ashley. Sherman wouldn't any more comfortable getting off the call is she did get on. I i would. I would have thought that she felt a sense of security. Getting off at like. I said i don't know the nine one one dispatchers name that's not important and nor is that the biggest part of the story but moving forward a little compassion and understanding what seemed to be would would serve better but combative doesn't seem to work because it almost felt to me that ashley shurmur the stress was added to this over this. Call that being said. We continue to push the talks forward on. What's next for richard sherman. And what's going on his friends and We all have friends that go through difficult situations and times and maybe you as an individual has been through or your family and not to speculate on. What's going on rich sherman's life. But when she had mentioned the talking about suicide texas people that he was gonna kill himself. That's the those those signs their danger and this situation and friends and whatever help. Richard sherman needs to get Let's hope it happens because once again. We looked at richard sherman. I did and said he doesn't. This doesn't seem part of his character and how he the i've always looked at him has been any. I don't look at him any different other than this was a bad situation. I'm glad nobody got hurt. And boos as a bad thing in these stressors. But i look even deeper because having friends that have done it now that every nobody got hurt now. Obviously their scars from non-physical scars. Going through this because it can be. I'm sure quite traumatic for his wife and depending on where the kids were in his uncle but moving forward. Somebody's going through something all the time. And we don't know the level of it and we never know if you look at richard sherman's life say he's not going through any trouble right looking for a new team but man look at his career and the he's made the sometimes that doesn't matter so you know i'm hoping in pull for guys to get right and whatever it is that they need in their family. I hope it's okay for richard sherman's family and that whatever help he needs. He gets because that's not. That was a hard. Listen not only from the dispatcher. But from ashley sherman explaining what was going on in that three minute call guys. Let me back to this. nba thing. We're we're mc. If i were to ask you just simply and trying to get you were in the nba offices. And i said what what's Where's the state of the game with the nba. Two in the finals. How would you describe it to me. If i had no idea. The state of the game like as a hill overall a rounds our performance. i think. tv ratings. how we're doing it rules all of it. How would you state it to me through the commissioner answering a question for me and i didn't know i think that the game is a great place. Played at one of the highest levels as ever been played at viewership. Is you know a cia always evolving game. Who knows exactly what the science is behind figuring it out. But i feel like the game is in a place where it's actually being watched a lot by a lot of people. It's it's grown in the last ten years and it's set up for generation of great superstar talent because a lot more so young that are gonna be around carry the sport for a long time. Okay now you sold me that as a commissioner as a fan. Do you feel the same way you know. I do like the on the court product. I think is fantastic. There's there's not a lot. There's a lot of storylines and dump stuff that gets me hot and bothered whether it's superstar teams and guys jumping all over the place player and all that junk. The core of the game. The game the way the game is played. I think is highly enjoyable for me. It's fast it's involves a great shooting. Like i enjoy the game of basketball. There's other stuff that gets in the way of it sometimes for me but i know that i'm not the cat. I like the catholic. The casual personal always looks at so differently and you know is it so in inside the sport as we are at times tyler. Agree or disagree agree to a point. The executive point completely agree with. I think the game is that a great state. And it's i mean. The gabe is breached global. Talking about each. Yeah that's awesome as a fan goes. There's some problems. The player empowerment is bad. Super teams are bad. Small-market teams don't matter enough and the officiating has got awful like for example. The officiating during last night's game was awful. I yeah devon booker at five fouls wrapped up drew holiday on his way to the basket and somehow didn't get called for. I have no idea how that happened. Desert liver favreau. Devon booker may have had like nine fouls last night right. They just couldn't get to try to get into a six thousand craze and some of them were blade. And it's not. I'm not just this situation. We talk about refs salat and what you guys are talking about. The state of the nba agree the product on the court. We got some great players. it's a phenomenal. Watch when you just look at the talent but some of the things that you guys have mentioned surrounding the game and they'd go within the game. And i just wonder does bad officiating when it's horrendous and it's a hard job to i would want no part of that gig either but it does come into play do you. Would you decide whether to watch not watch a game. Based on the scott foster talk but officiating crews are are they ruined the game or overall is is are they doing a pretty good job or are they a problem with people's interest in the game because last night while good basketball was played the referee's got in the way and you get people question like is this thing rigged. Will they not let booker. You get that talk and that becomes talk is it is kind of hyperbolic and really if you're a basketball fan. Are you do the rest. Get in the way of your thought process on whether you like watching it or not. I mean you know make for a miserable experience of you know about that stuff. I think i think it's like baseball umpires like we'll do the angel hernandez or the Cb buckner stuff like when when it's so bad and it's so out there you you know of the guys that are out there. I think for the large majority of it. It's done right. I get the the fans standpoint sometimes when you watch these games like what are they doing site where they given a directive on how to call stuff because one night right. Everything's a foul and then the next night's nothing's too where at least in baseball there's a dead set what's supposed to be a dead set strike zone and it shouldn't change overnight. Some guys have a little bit of a worst strike zone than others. Obviously but it's like one night a guy can smack a guy across the arm going to the basket consider can wrap up or check or whatever and it's not a foul and the next night. It is a foul. That's the thing that i can get where bugs people. But i don't think it's like changing the experience of the viewership right and so basically you're saying that like for instance second. It's the frustration within that very game but it wouldn't prevent you from watching game five no because so much. Yes scott foster officiating games against the rockets and they're playing the warriors in the in the western conference finals and stuff. I was livid going in. Because i knew of the tracker of scott foster. And how you handle. The rockets official isn't official specifically their stars and chris. Paul and james harden irritated the hell out of me going in. It was never going to keep me from watching those games. Like scott foster officiating. The next game. I'll still watch some of it. It's not gonna change my thought. But i also go in with the mindset of okay. I know he's going to make horrific calls where he's going to miss a bunch of stuff and it's i'm gonna question if it's on purpose.

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