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7 60 wjr. And welcome back here at the X Xfinity Center, 9 31 left Michigan State trailing Maryland 51 44. Let's now go by the numbers of the MSU Federal Credit Union. Well, really good number Q. Interesting. Yeah. Michigan State leading Maryland 19 to 16 here in the second half of big reason Why it's not Henry in Langford. Neither one of those guys have scored in this second half with 9 25 left apply by bad, Yeah. So they get going. Langford as a basketball right now he's in the backyard gives it over there to Henry. They're trying to get a download of joy Hauser. There's little collision between Hauser and ill. And I think it's gonna be on Eric. That is an eye Allah for body and up too much so following it, no fall against the Turks. So all of a sudden, his team fouls it really balanced up its 17,000. It's Michigan State. Now six against Maryland. Essentially, ball teams are in the bonus. Yep, so Brown flips into the backcourt blank for now goes over there to watch voters away. Oh, it danced off the rim. Vice baseline move, but it wouldn't go rebound comes out to Dante Scott of Maryland. That's too bad because that's a shot rocket. What's really likes nine to go. Maryland 51, Michigan State 44. However, the basketball on around the horn, it goes Wiggins with it down the lane. He's working on Hauser. Turn around. Shot is good. Nice work by urine. Wiggins. And now it's 53 44 9 45 to go Lankford for three off the ramp No one and done his Michigan state. Wiggins rebounds for the Terps. Oh, man, a really quick shot in the offense, But I really want to see Josh Wink. Forget going, though. Be good. 53 40 four's. A score of Maryland has the ball in the lead, and I.

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