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China, Laos, Lao Jungle discussed on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria


Native Kenyans do you think this is benign cultural observation or is this sort. Of seclusion by design on the part. Of the Chinese government I'm not, sure if it's by design but I do think that it. Makes things worse because for instance when you're going through Laos when you see the Chinese. Workers they're often sort of secluded, as you say in these, Chinese dormitories that are set away from the villages they. Look completely different than everything else they're sort of like these big shiny pieces of space. Junk that dropped into the Lao jungle and all of the Chinese workers live together and have very little interaction with the locals so I, guess in a sense it's by design because yes that's the way that they've decided to execute the project and maybe the reason that. They've done that was just for poorly logical and logistical reasons but the way that it comes off on The ground can cause, resentment and I think that. You definitely get a sense of that resentment in places like this I should. Also say in a place like northern. Laos this is an area where, the vast majority of the population works as subsistence farmers right. Many of these people have never seen a train I don't think that they have a. Sense of exactly what's going on, I think that they just, see that there is a lot of change happening in. Their area and it makes them nervous and if there was more communication going on China, would probably do itself a service by facilitating Part. Of the issue that you dress repeatedly throughout, this book is in place like Laos in elsewhere It's really unclear whether the local, government can, sustain the kind of investments that are necessary for at least in Laos. Is you're really I, guess significant risk financial risk on the part of the government and the economy there's a huge risk. And this, is the, case in a lot of poorer countries where China is putting these projects together I..

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