David Duke, Twitter, Ku Klux Klan discussed on The Renegade Republican with Dan Bongino - Ep. 524 Liberal Double Standards are Making Me Sick


Is david duke who is a kukluxklan member and has been a stain on american politics for a long time david duke showed up at this rally now david duke interestingly enough one after trump on twitter these two have no relationship at all and yet the media is still trying to associate trump with the ku klux klan and david do despite the fact that again conservatives libertarians responsible republicans all over the place were rushing to say bernie sanders is not responsible for the act is maniac in alexandria virginia shot up the baseball field liberals do the exact opposite because they're the worst they are the absolute worst they are so committed to identity politics and terry nation apart that their first response is not to say wow this was a tragedy how does the nation kinda come together and and and really see what happened there what went wrong their first response show trump did it trump's associated with david do you don't believe me go to my facebook page and you know what i'll read it this is a here's am but my phone sent the ninety seven percent i got up really your i mean excuse me 37 percent i got up really earliest wanted to put the show together so much to talk about this is a tweet by maggie haberman kosh these auto things dromi crazy these little pop down things under fatah absolutely nuts i know because if you touch in the wrong spot the phone goes all over the place okay maggie haberman from the new york times tweeting about trump and david duke potus cheif beginning asked about david duke during the campaign today duke marches imposes name r maggie haberman you have as much of a connection to the ku klux klan and david lukas trump does which is the say absolutely not now.

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