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Its i dunno twenty nine dollars a month right that per transaction is only twenty nine dollars out of my monthly budget and i'm okay with that but if i think about that over the course of a year i have still spent the same amount as if i plunked at the hill and body in a box in a with the discs so uh our mindsets are changing i mean i think in some ways the the the economics of it is still the same but the fact that are per transaction comfort level has shrunk immensely rate were less were less okay whis plunking down the big chunks of change for again a software package that's been put together and put on disc or whatever um and sort it out and and vendors in all areas of of a software and digital services and all that kind of stuff her are very wary getting really savvy at bleeding us out in the smaller per transaction amounts than maybe the big child i know low come on i the ridiculous things that iowa said i will subscribe would spend on that i use i mean but i think it's worth it when i look at it and like oh it's nineteen dollars a month but the look i used it three tugs so maybe at again that's my wording for but i get it when i look at the end of the month that i'm like where's my money go well here's where it went for ninety nine for this nineteen dollars for this six dollars for the right it went away it's small increments in a trickle but at the end of the day the pie is still gone so you know i could would you go on stream users is right is a perfect example of where this sort of software service and little bits of the time.

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