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Me about this matter twenty eight degrees this morning and it's thirty one in Washington and twenty seven right now in Reston it's seven eleven minute disturbing video appears to show a stun gun attack in Fairfax county school a boy in a gray shirt can be seen being shocked with the weapon at Oakton high school later the video appears to show multiple boys grabbing a restraining the victim as he's hit with the weapon again the principal of Oak Hill high sent a letter to parents yesterday confirming that a student was assaulted on school property last week NBC for reports said Fairfax county police are investigating the video of that incident is founded WTOP dot com construction of a long planned capital crescent trail tunnel under Wisconsin Avenue down to in downtown Bethesda will likely be postponed for a lack of funding but plans for a street level trailer moving ahead the capital crescent surface trail project is funded the first phase involves adding a separated two way bike lane along parts of Bethesda Avenue and willow lane with a safe crossing at Wisconsin Avenue this will also include this like a track along with mine Avenue here from Miller which is about a block south of his Avenue up to my gun related project manager Matt Johnson said at a public meeting we are committed to opening that you're wanting twenty face to plan for next year would extend the trail along and through Elm Street park Michelle bash WTOP news it was back in July when police in Maryland began confiscating Maryland driver's licenses that I've been recalled because of real ID non compliance now those who have their licenses confiscated would be protected under emergency legislation introduced this week in the General Assembly those drivers would have ninety days to submit necessary documents to the motor vehicle administration during that the drivers will be exam from being charged with failing to possess or display a driver's license if pulled over for another violation seven twelve now we're just three days away from Superbowl Sunday some big celebrities will appear in the much anticipated commercials that day this year's Superbowl ads include MC hammer afraid to touch is piano with cheetahs on his fingers wait okay this Sam Elliott's moving old town road.

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