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One hundred and eighteen minutes guys. This is from the wreck that's just after the Bothell Everett highway that's off to the side a little bit of visual distraction. Yeah. That lineup starts from now. Five twenty heading all the way up to that seen. This is going to take a minute. Maybe two possibly all the rest of the afternoon really unwind. We're still seeing the lineup on not only northbound I five outside of shoreline. But once again as we leave one twenty eight and that takes you all the way up to twelfth street. They're still working on this a semi. They've got him off to the shoulder. Now. However, he's still a visual distraction since he's a hooked up. To a very, large tow truck. We are looking at a stall on southbound five under the convention center reported to be blocking. There's a backup on ninety eastbound as we approached the Mercer island lid and heading out towards that four or five merges still trying to recover on southbound five from down Boeing field and heading up towards midway. You have nothing but brake lights from highway eighteen and that continues all the way out towards the Puyallup. River bridge boy did things really ramp up outside of Lakewood, and that continues all the way down past joint base Lewis mcchord. As a matter of fact, I really don't see a break in the backup until you. Get passed DuPont steilacoom road drivers encountering nothing but delays on five twelve between I five heading out towards canyon. There is some slowing from just after woodland. You are gonna find valley freeway to struggle just a bit both directions actually out near Ellington traffic. Brought to you by dominos is a fan of off pizza. That's why the rewarding you for eating any pizza from anywhere. Even if it's not there's you can get rewards points towards free Domino's pizza. Learn more at points for pies dot com. Kiro radio realtime traffic, I'm Tracy Taylor. Dr.

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