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Of course, I think she was in what sex lies and videotape. But I was for big one. Right. But after this she did Four, Weddings and funeral which to me was the quintessential Enya McDowell movie. Right. So she's not a comedian. She's a leading lady, right? So it's nice that you have a grounded person like. That Chris Elliott can be very funny. And of course, Bill Morrie can as well. I think it's nice to have someone who's a little more grounded in not a comedian in nut competing for those comedic line. She's just they're playing an enjoy it. You could tell that. She's finding Bill Murray entertaining in a lot of these scenes, you could actually see it on her face that she's really enjoying it. You know when she's on angry at him. I don't know what the deal the Dell is every time share them. Like, oh, why didn't you become a bigger thing? And like, she always pop up something. But I feel like yes, you never became like the star that other people did around that same time. I knew her when this movie came out because of Saint elmo's fire where she was Emilio Estevez is love interest. Oh at the ski lodge and everything that was my big thing for her. But I'd seen her in sex lies and videotape and I'd seen her and Hudson hawk. I guess I'd seen her because I saw this movie. But I don't remember it Greystoke the legend of Tarzan, she played Jane. Oh, yeah. I suffer through that. It's not a good one. But my thing with Andy McDowell is to me she. Has this classic Hollywood. Look like a forties. Actress in that. She never looked young. She doesn't look old. I'm not saying she's Agatha Christie here. But no, you're right because I looked up. I'm like is this one of those things where like Bill Murray's forty and she's actually like twenty five she's only three years younger than Bill Murray in this. But she looks like, okay. You're young right. But yes, she's. Yeah. This timeless looked to her. But yeah, I get what you're saying. And she's also repeatedly in comedies where she isn't funny. Sometimes she's given the job to attempt to be funny like Hudson hawk and other times. She's just like in this movie, kind of the straight person with funny people around them, it took this movie for me to warm to Andy McDowell before this movie. I was always just if Yvonne her even with sex lies and videotape. I was still just not quite there in believing. She had it. But now she became a really well. Welcome presence in movies for me. And she re team with Ramos in both -plicitly a few years later. Right. I agree with you in that. I'd never mind. She's in the movie this maybe because of the goodwill of this and for weddings funerals. But yeah, I would never watch movie because she's in it. But she's in the movie, I've very happy. She was there. But they're the really the only three characters that are going to matter. This is fills movie and even Chris Elliott as Larry I won't even say, Larry matters. It's even Rita. Yeah. He is the most constant of presences, and the thing I like about Larry elder stand up to fill, but he'll say the truth about Phil. You know when Phil's like keep the talent happy. Did he call himself the talent? He's like the Greek choir of pointing out all of the asshole nature of Bill. He just got a couple of moments, but they're very late in the film that gift Chris Elliott a chance to Joa Chris Elliot does. But you're right. He's very much a supporting role to the point where you could make an argument that he's wasted. You don't really need. Chris Elliott in that role. But what he does bring to it is presence. He does a lot with what he's given because it's really under developed role. And it's it's great to see in here because three of us like Chris, Elliot. But after we get to pucks tawny. It's not very long before we get what Jacob called groundhog day prime and this movie. It reminds me of our discussion of back to the future..

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