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The corner of schaefer and pembroke on detroit's west side a witness said one of the vehicles drove through a red light and crashed into the other the children were on their way to school the owners of the pistons and cavaliers are teaming up to bring a soccer team to detroit dan gilbert and tom gore's the billionaire sportsmen are in new york and they'll make their formal pitch to the major league soccer crony again a franchise to detroit competing with nashville cincinnati and the inside city sacramento russian officials are not happy about the country's team being banned from next year's winter olympics reporter claire sebastian is in moscow watching to see what the russians do big question that going forward as well russia here with well ads athletes go lincoln compete under a neutral flag and that is still thought me that we do not necessarily resolve done because of the doping offences of the russian team at the 2014 so she winter olympics president trump will recognize jerusalem today as the capital of israel you'll order the us embassy in tel aviv to begin moving to jerusalem the mayor of that city near barkat says he and israel will not be influenced by those who say the change will prompt violence in the read that clarity that president brought to the process will only promote peace it will not defer peace and anybody trying to make points of god forbid tried to deter us by violence will not succeed we will not be deterred by violence we will continue our path and do the right thing and again thank god the americans and the pry the president of the united states made that decision negotiations to sue settle a long list of civil lawsuits over the crimes.

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