Paul Manafort, President Trump, Prosecutor discussed on NBC Meet the Press


Then it's bad day for you because you're. Vulnerable and exposed. So you wouldn't put any stock, any assurances that maybe Paul Manafort himself gave to John Dowd or Rudy Giuliani, or the or manafort's defense team weeks ago or months ago, you wouldn't put any stock into any of the assurances they might have felt from the Manafort team before he cut this deal. I would use that information if he ever testified to cross examine because he would've waved the privilege at that point, the joint privilege. But no, I wouldn't believe anything. He said I would use the material that he told the Trump team while he was in a joint defense agreement to undercut his credibility. If he then says something different is he lying now was lying, then you can't believe him. That kind of argument should the president be concerned that Paul Manafort may be able to say that a pardon was promised or a pardon was into that or the the pardon was dangled during the joint defense agreement? I doubt that I think the president was pretty careful. In what he said and how he said it and what he said was set in public. So I don't think that's a real concern. I think the concern is putting together information that the prosecutor knows about, but can't can connect. We have to remember again that collusion is not a crime conspiracy is a crime, but conspiracy requires knowledge. And it's also possible that Manafort was always acting on his own to make more money. He was using the Trump campaign saying, I'll make introductions, I'll help you, but that the Trump campaign didn't really know about this. That's a likely explanation beyond the series of coincidences. Do you believe the president has the legal team he needs to take on Robert Muller? It seems like Robert Muller has yet to lose well, prosecutors have a tremendous advantages, congressman Schiff correctly points out. You don't mess with a prosecutors. They'll come after you. They'll make you plead guilty. They'll threaten your family. President Trump had a point when he said, civil libertarians. Like me have been concerned about flip witnesses for many, many, many years. Prosecutors have too much power to flip witnesses and to use their testimony. So of course, there has to be concerned. Prosecutors have all that much power, all defense attorneys realize that. Right. But do you believe the president has the best defense? They me he needs right now. You know, I never want to comment on other people's defense teams. Everybody would do it differently. Rudy Guiliani. I've known him for thirty years. I've been against him. I've been on the same side. He's an extraordinarily talented and able guy. Jay sokoll off is a brilliant, brilliant lawyer. I'm sure before this cases over other lawyers will be aided to the team. I will not be among them, but there will be other lawyers and teams tend to grow and shrink when you have a complicated case like this, but they're up against a very, very difficult problem. When you have a prosecutor who can give him, unity can give deals, can make deals. It's very, very difficult professor show. It's always, sir. Thank you for coming on and share news. Thank you up next so much to get to Manafort President Trump what it all means for this Muller investigation painless. Next..

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