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I'm Chuck Staverton. The US blames Iran for the attacks on oil tankers near the strait of Hormuz, but acting Defense Secretary. Patrick Shanahan says the focus for now is building consensus with allies by declassifying intelligence. We had the big push in the last twenty four hours to continue to get information out continue to share intelligence, and you can sit you'll continue to see us work to do that as part of building. The international consensus, ran is apparently interfered with one of the damage ships, forty two US official. The crew of the Japanese owned oil, tanker was back on their ship, when Iranian small boats came alongside, and quote, offered assistance. The ship's, captain said no. But the Iranians kept insisting that they had a tug that could help them. That's when the US has Bainbridge radio, Iranians, and told him that no assistance was required. The official says the Iranians did not try to force himself onto the ship because of the Bainbridge's presence, we Martinez ABC news. The Pentagon, a federal appeals court in Washington is ruled against. The Trump administration policy that prevented migrant teams in government custody from getting abortions immunes, the government must facilitate abortion access to women in its custody. Congress is fighting over measures to battle foreign influence on US elections. Democratic Senator, Richard Blumenthal says the president's controversial comments about a stance on receiving dirt on a political rival from a foreign government. Shut light on a legal loophole. In a quote backhanded way to a lot of folks in this country. There's no law that specifically requires reporting to the FBI or other law enforcement agency. Now, he's pushing the pass his duty to report act, which would make reporting such information, mandatory underlaw Virginia Democrat, Mark Warner is also working to pass similar legislation. Monico Sarabi, ABC news, Capitol Hill, after six years of legal battles, the Kansas supreme court says the state is finally spending enough money in its public schools, under a new education funding law. You're listening to ABC news..

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