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Is this a network of our beautiful eight minutes and I'm going to turn and my have my husband's going to turn to his right I know about rodeo court but you could tell okay I'll go to sleep what a please wait like if that was what our ritual would be I would be like okay that's what you like and that's what we'll do every night five times a night is raised three positions well if you if you count going down okay it's Megan it's going down that was a one forty five minutes I would be down on her for forty three I got a nose bleed I wouldn't trade it suffocated down there the backup but then there are the ones who know what they want interview I look all they need is a good five to seven minutes and you just a in there they're satisfied there's a paradigm change this setting is that I'm not I go along with it because I don't know I mean five to seven minutes is this bad no no well we'll hear from Los Angeles eight one eight five two zero one zero five nine how long should sex lessons for you Friday let's go working on a weekend like usual sales in indie band like usual Swinney passed as they do in two months I haven't done my taxes on time I just had it on my wrist going nice the selection was okay so let also rose with two plus.

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