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Up momentarily eighty eastbound approaching exit sixty two B. saddle River Road in Teterboro an accident being reported there our next topic updates coming up in ten minutes on seven ten W. let's get to our weather with meteorologist restating the weather channel very nice day yesterday that's probably only going to get this week right right yes yeah Joe you're a closer probably get for the week we get into the weekend and I'm still optimistic that we'll get better but it can get a bunch worse before we get to previously mentioned weekend welcome into may with some wet weather tomorrow it looks like when the heaviest rain is going to fall already start to see some clouds creep in this morning clouds with some sun I think as we go through today but I think percentage wise clouds are gonna win but a small percentage chance of seeing a rain shower today fifty seven so we will be cooler by about ten degrees from yesterday will head through tonight fall to fifty some light rain after midnight light rain and scattered showers around tomorrow the wind will start to pick up out ahead of the front it will be in the upper fifties tomorrow the rain to really pick up tomorrow night at the heavy rain at times tomorrow night into early Friday Friday still chance showers in the wind's going to be about fifteen to twenty five miles an hour Joe so one two maybe three inches of rain in spots the state of Jersey is under a flood watch and even some of our northwestern counties get up insolvent county parts of Catskills there are flood watches we'll see if that gets expanded east but there is a threat for at least some flooding in those areas normally are prone to flooding I guess is what it is that most of the rain Joe coming tomorrow night during the night time hours good news for the weekend though the showers should be gone very early Saturday Saturday afternoon looks good Sunday looks real nice with highs in the low seventies all right thank you ray meteorologist ray stage with the forecast now five thirty four well made was just as the time for warning has pastis threatening summonses and even arrests after he saw a large funeral in Brooklyn last night hundreds of orthodox Jews many wearing face masks.

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