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It is overcast thirty four degrees at O'Hare Chicago, teen accused of driving a stolen car. Tuesday has now been charged in three carjackings that occurred on the north side. Police say they solve the sixteen year old committed a minor traffic violation. They pulled him over buddy. They say he took off and crashed. They say the car. He was driving was carjacked the day before in the fourteen hundred block of west Byron street Matra has a new way to make riders safe while on the train or station at your will soon have an app for riders to report crime suspicious activity and other security concerns. It gives writers a discrete and convenient way to connect with metro police users can select the type of activity they'd like to report, and then send a description along with a photo or video of the issue being reported the free app will be available in two thousand nineteen Kim. Gordon, WGN news this. It's been a long and challenging day. But at the end of it, I'm pleased to have received the backing of my colleagues in tonight's pilots. The vote is in Britain's tree trisomy has received the confidence of her colleagues in a vote, and we'll continue in her role is prime minister and leader of the conservative party Julian Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio and Obama era chief of housing and urban development announcing he's considering a run for president. I believe that our country is ready for leadership that is trying to bring people together instead of tearing them apart. He says he wants to make sure that in his this twenty-first-century that same American dream that was there for him is therefore every single man woman and child in our country as President Trump signed an executive order at the White House today, he ignored questions about his former personal attorney Michael Cohen, Trump did not respond to my questions at the White House today about Michael Cohen sentencing. The president was quick to slam Coen last month after he pleaded guilty to nine charges, including violating campaign finance laws. Hush. Money payments to two women who say they had affairs with the president. But today, no comment from Mr. Trump. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House and Cohen today sentenced to three years in prison and WGN community corners. Here's Ryan burrow, looking to drive through a winter wonderland. Santa's Rockin lights is.

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