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Cone. It's 43 in Antoninus 50. Kogo news time. 7 32 Senator Jordan. You're Mitch McConnell is not ruling out that he might vote to convict the now Twice. IMPEACH President Trump. McConnell is blocking a quick Senate trial of Trump, but he's told colleagues that he hasn't made up his mind on how he's going to vote. U C. Davis law professor Ash Bhagwat says concerns that Maura Unrests is ahead are valid. You don't call out the National Guard for no good reason. It's not a good visual to have a lot of armed soldiers president the president's inauguration. So clearly, people foreign control feel that there is a need for it. Now. The Senate trial probably won't begin until January 20th. That's when Democrats will take majority control of the chamber and the day of Joe Biden's presidential inauguration. After initially resisting impeachment, San Diego Congressman Scott Peters eventually voted for its comparing the president's final days in office. To President Nixon. Last week, Congressman Peter said he had hoped President Biden could bring the country together without impeachment right before the inauguration. But the events of the week prior turned out to be too much. I thought that the best thing to do given where the president was was for him to be told by senior Republicans who did this with President Nixon that you know it's time for him to resign. My second choice would have been to have the 25th amendment invokes by the vice president and the Cabinet, which gives them the power. To remove some of these unfit from office. And finally, I think you know this is not something I relish the only other option for Congress to respond to. This was impeachment. All four Democratic members of Congress from San Diego voting to impeach President Trump Republican Darrell Aisa Voting against impeachment. Jack Cronin, Coco News. Intense security measures in Washington ahead of next week's inauguration, Chad program reports. The U. S Capital is now a Citadel National guard in camped inside the Capitol in Library of Congress troops haven't slept here since the Civil War. Layers of fencing now encircle the capital. Bolstered by concertina wire worthy of sing Sing. House members must now pass through magnetometers for debates in the House chamber that drew House of protest. From freshman Colorado representative and Second Amendment advocates Lauren Bo Burt. She balked. When U. S Capitol police stopped her to inspect her bag in protest. Some Republicans just ignored the cops and sidestep the Maggs House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, now imposing fines of members don't follow police rules. Close. He announced the metal detector rules on Wednesday, which include proposed fines of up to $10,000 for lawmakers who violate the measures, more arrests and more charged accused in taking part in the attack at the Capitol, among them Robert Keith Pack of 56 years old from Newport News, Virginia. Jacob Chan's Lee, who also goes by the name is Jake and Jelly and Q. A non Shaymen is also in custody. He told the FBI. He felt compelled to travel to D. C to answer the call from President Trump for what he called Patriots to gather there. His mom said she worried about his son being held in jail now, because quote he gets very sick. If he doesn't eat organic food translate is now being served organic meals at taxpayer expense. Theo FBI, by the way, says the arrests so far are quote. Just the tip of the iceberg. That's Jonathan Hunt reporting in his first state of the city address, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria says he's committed to building our economy back to what it was before the pandemic it, Mayor Gloria says the state of our city is fragile right now. But he's optimistic for a brighter future because San Diegans are strong. The mayor thanking our frontline workers with says the fight against the virus is far from over. We can show them our gratitude. Avoiding large gatherings, where in our masks and staying home as much as possible way must continue to abide by the public health orders and we must do this to protect people. And our economy. Mayor Gloria says he's considering more options for vaccines Supercenters like the one at Petco Park. He's also proposing an extension to the eviction moratorium and plans to work with the City Council to expand similar protections for small businesses. Joshua Lipton KOGO News. Go go dears time. 7 36. The county has yet another plan to try to speed up the vaccination process, but it may have run into a snag. County Board of Supervisors chair Nathan Fletcher says seniors can now get the Corona virus vaccine scripts and Kaiser Permanente are aware of this, but say they have not been told when they are receiving additional vaccines. Vaccines have simply not arrived in significant quantities to be able to administer to those. We expect more vaccines to arrive soon, but we don't know. Win, and we don't know how many. We don't know which once and so out of that uncertainty. We are trying to build out systems so we are ready to move swiftly as they arrived. Flex your says there is another rippling roadblock, and this one is financial. He says The county has not received one dime of funding from the state or federal government to plan to prepare or execute vaccine distribution. Phil Farrar, KOGO News Well, the vaccine is here, but it's very elusive. Meantime, people are putting off life saving health appointments, a doctor Joy Just live. We have your real time. Traffic in your updated weather in three minutes. Kogo news time 7 37 Dome. I'll report center right..

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