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Now goes to committee for review Albany police now investigating three shooting incidents from last night police responded to a call around eight thirty PM from Albany mad about a man walking into the emergency room after being shot in the one hundred block of Bradford St police are also investigating a second shooting that happened at ten PM the area first and Quayle now hearing about an incident in the three hundred block of second street about two o'clock this morning it's not known of the shootings are related no arrests in connection with any of the incidents state police now say a fifty year old man from coal skill shot and killed by a son police say seventeen year old Ryan old or shot his father Timothy last week after home on Lamont district road the teen is accused of using a twenty two caliber rifle to shoot his father after a dispute between the two he'd been due back in court today but turning mark **** tells the guys that that his client is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation no word on what led up to the shooting but **** says Ryan older has a lot of learning and emotional disabilities and suggested that he suffered physical abuse on prior occasions **** says officials are trying to determine if he's competent to stand trial I feel a fave newsradio eight ten and one of three one W. G. Y. W. G. my morning news time is eight oh three if you want to bet on the Yankees but don't have to go to Vegas today should be your day pending approval from the state gaming commission rivers casino is expected to take its first wagers on sporting events at its new sports book lounge today ribbon cutting separate ten AM Justin Moore as the acting general manager at rivers so we're.

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