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The bat. Busy week in the world of sports betting. I am back from vacation than FOX in the house as well. I'm Doug kazarian this the behind the best podcast. We're taping this on Thursday, August second, Benjamin, how are you? Man? I'm good. Sarah. I don't think we fully put out that parasol picture yet, but that may have to be re tweeted brought up some. We'll bring that back somehow, but it was good house vacation. Yeah, it was great. Italy is awesome. I been there when last went there a decade ago. It was good to get back and run around the the country. But yeah, the parasol picture was enjoy, hey, look, it's ninety. Two degrees got even hotter. I, I have no shame do what you gotta do. I mean, come on and I wasn't enrollment time, but went in Roman Italy. You gotta. Do you gotta do well, don't worry. Didn't miss anything on the sports panic friend was around y'all. Braille quiet kosh so much going on. Lots of get through here. David is going to join us on the back end of the podcast break down some of the big announcements. From this week and also Phil Steele's coming up momentarily with some good college football analysis and picks because here we are in August, the regular season is upon us NFL just around the corner as well. A lot of good a lot of good opportunities out there, whether it be futures for the championship conference even games of the year. And there's some week one lines that I even like as well Benso. We'll touch on all that. Both talk about the news at first today, which is Thursday. Tiger Phil announce Cording to ESPN's Mike Greenberg, some odds being posted, and we've talked about it briefly on the pod, but there's mixed feelings on how big of a handle this will generate. Yeah. West gate opened per Jeff Sherman. Tiger minus one thirty. Phil plus one. Ten. I'm sure expecting that. There will be a ton of tiger money. Think Caesar's opened at a pick them a couple of weeks ago. You know, being out there, I guess that was for summer league and talk some people. They don't think there's going to be very much. I know some people are going to far and being like it's. Xd where the McGregor it's like, no, it's it's not gonna be that. I think they'll be a lot of interest in this is reported over thanksgiving weekend. I think that will probably heard it some because obviously of NFL of college football NBA. That was a big advantage of may worthy McGregor is it was before college football before NFL. It was that weekend. That was the big of that and what's the format? We don't really know yet. It's going to be in Las Vegas shadow creek I league. I don't know whether it's just a against b, whether they are doing some sort of Yemen Gulf handle a lot is, I mean, it's more on the futures market than is the matchups. But this is tiger and Phil and its motto. It's like magic bird in the eighties, we all wanted right. But this is I think it'll be more than what the low end is and lower than the high in fat is in fact, may whether McGregor it's not gonna be. I think the very interesting thing from following this. I don't think I moved on Sunday for the British Open, just watching. And then following the odds, I think the in game odds will be fascinating. I don't know how many people are gonna wanna bet hole by hole tiger. And Phil or stroke by stroke. But I think that's where some of it will come from as well. I think people are going to want to have action. It's gone event involved in parlays and things like that because it's a big weekend with football college. Football's while a lot of rivalries that weekend, and then the NFL takes over few days as well. So good stuff. There also Mississippi is official. They've joined the party of legal sports betting and right before football season. It'll be very interesting to see the variance in some lines at something we're gonna talk a lot about once the season begins and look, man, it's not common..

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