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Committing crimes Jay I don't? Want you're. Going. To jail and damn showed on what you're doing interviews and making. Music about said crime so once again the difference, between rappers and granting Johnson. Is rapid can just say they are wrapping it's all entertainment until his night entertainment. Not entertainment I actually enjoy seeing. People get. Locked up because smart people learn from. Their own mistakes wise people learn from. The. Mistakes of others issue are dumb enough to, be on social media showcasing your drug dealing. Criminal ways if you are stupid enough to wrap will, be doing interviews about your drug doing criminal ways you deserve to go. To jail and it brings me the, sense of. Relief sometimes because it lets me know the rules of the street have not changed come from the era of staying lowest possible you don't talk on the, phone you saw American gangster. You don't, sit front row. At the fight with the Ferrante fellas You don't make no big purchases after lick And you get popped That's what I need to happy. To Brandon Johnson could granted Johnson, is not a rapper be behind what he was saying on TMZ wasn't nobody yelling cut after what he said in what world do we live in that a drug dealer is getting. Used by Papa rachi I feel like I'm not doing my job as an American citizen. Final turn this man if you see, something say something right millions of people saw. Brandon Johnson on TMZ why more people seeing something is not snitching when the person is snitching on himself and the fact that I know he's a drug dealer who is telling us he gave Demi Levato the drugs. That almost killed her the fact that I know this makes me feel like I'm going to. Catch a conspiracy charge so what I would encourage everyone to do is called a local authorities in California LA This video we gotta get this type was come off discreet because. If you are doing interviews about the drugs you are selling in crimes you are committing.

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