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How is i think power and what is posted happened in the third chapter of this trilogy like what is forced to go without exciting gagged or no guys grass isn't that so call that like you don't have really have much of an idea of how this is going to go now it is an isn't like if you if you had in season two of breaking bad had welterweight kill off jesse you could have gone on with that series but they had this overall arc uh even though it you know that wasn't intended at first edged in the uh hall oral arc with those characters like i feel like when when you make address change with this it feels like a lot of that set up that they didn't force wake him to was for nothing the feels like kind of like a like i guess what i'm worried about an will talk about this later is there isn't a kevin feige for the star wars series in that kind of wars me kathleen kennedy hasn't role she's the one who's making these susanti's one who saying yes this is a good idea let's do it i know people like to bike together because do because she is in charge of the biggest franchise enrolled people in all spectrums by things yellow her about but i think that if if anybody out there who i trust guard star wars and realize what choices are i i put my faith in her how all i'll why do agree with what jacob a say in spirit i'm not necessarily sure that kathleen kennedy has the same reverence and knowledge of the star wars universe at large in the same way that kevin feige does the marvel cinematic universe and the marvel comics yin while not even talking about in that respect i'm talking about the fact that lake kevin seems to have a game plan of where they're going and from what i know when i know the.

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