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We have heard provide some provides them theory is so henry everybody was i mean as intense labor and people were dying building the railroads they offered them health insurance and then it was the jobs to follow were basically like steelworkers coal miners and the the other work like that so um and then auto workers to and they're also getting heard on the job so dangerous jobs were offering health insurance which they should have they were they were seeing a problem and they needed to try to fix this a try to offer something like if you're going to work as hard and you're gonna put yourself in danger and put your life on the line we owe you um the ability to try to take care of you health lives so somehow that just turned into lake will all jobs should give me health insurance and other jobs giving you health insurance is not the same as a hazardous job giving health insurance but it ended up being like oh will that worked for the railworkers i'm sure to work for teachers to and now everyone gets their health insurance you if you were canales knows no hazardous condition brains whoever however i mean maybe you get like carpal tunnel like sitting epa computer you'll never type that much but you know i i think it's i think that is exactly how we started there and um and so now when people think about getting their health insurance from their job it's not because like oh well my job makes it more likely that i'm going to get her and i'm going to need health insurance they just it's just like oh no this is one of my benefits day and what we need to do as a society is is take back that frame which were already doing with everyone deserves healthcare preexisting conditions yati outta and now it's more like oh well if we're going to give healthcare to everyone why are retiring it jobs ena and i think another way that we can get people on the strict father side to agree with us is to remind them that this is hurting health care and the need for businesses to provide it to their employees.

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